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    Is that smart crow real

    As a means of making people aware about proper hygiene during the pandemic situation, many videoclips were and are on circulation in social media.
    One of them shows a carelessly thrown used mask and a crow picking that mask and properly dropping it into a nearby dustbin. I am impressed by the creative text messages added to them.

    I had seen this many times getting as Whats app forward. On some search I found it as a slight improvisation of a 2015 You tube video.
    I am still not sure whether that is a real one or some photo/video trick.

    What do you say?
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    Keeping aside the argument of whether the video clip of smart crow dropping the used mask into the dust bin, what we must take the instant message created by the impact that how danger it is for the human kind to throw the used masks on the ground and that will lead to further spread of disease. It may not be real and may be created by the great minds in the IT back ground, what I see is the strong message gone into the minds of people through the social media that wearing mask and disposing it safely do matters. I remember the same crow was collecting the strewn papers here and there collecting them and putting it in the dust bin and that former video made many rounds few years back. In this regard I always appreciate the social media agog with sharing animals behaving sensibly than human as in one video a monkey quench the thirst and close the tap securely.
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    The main purpose of the advertisements is to give a message to the customers, this advertisement is giving two messages, firstly, it is harmful to everyone to throw the mask made by humans in such an open place anywhere, even an unknown bird. It can fly by pressing that mask in its beak and it is also a threat to that bird. The second message is that through advertising, it is being told that when an innocent bird who cannot understand the human language is also aware of the damage caused by the mask used in this way and it is in the dustbin Can throw away, then why is it so difficult for a person who has understanding and enough intelligence to understand such a small thing. If we look at it tactically, it is not possible that this crow can be so intelligent, but if we put the logic aside, every gesture says a lot. People should understand the value of proper hygiene that is not just about themselves but should be for others too.

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    In the internet many people make videos and upload it in various sites and then they come in circulation in the social media. Some of them become viral also. Most of them are the crafted ones and with some editing here and there. Some of them could be genuine ones also. But it is very difficult to find out which is fake and which is real. Some of these are very educative and inspiring also and motivate people so even if they are edited or manoeuvred through some apps we can appreciate them - the theme behind of course. These videos are also repeating every 2-3 years as the memory of many people is not so good and the people circulate them after a gap.
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    As part of educating the public, cartoons, live videos, plays, songs, etc. will be created and published to attract the attention of the people. Such awareness videos are also shown with cartoon characters. Good stories are also used to inspire people in this way.

    Such cartoons and videos indeed produce a lot of results where just reading leaflets or pamphlets or government orders is ineffective. So it doesn't matter if the characters in the video do it or not, it just takes the message out of it - it works.

    Could everything that is said in the Puranas have happened like that? Not necessarily. Everything without documentary evidence is created only to accept its essence.

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    We had been hearing/reading the story of a crow drinking water from a container that has less water, by dropping the stones to raise the water to drink. Did it really happen on this earth? I don't think so. It is a crow story well created by an intelligent human being. That crow appeared on books written, and this crow is on video created.
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    Instead of getting the message from the issue, we think about whether the issues are real or not. Every time it happens. What is the message the story is giving to us should be taken. The crow may be real or not, but what the crow did in the video is a very good moral to all of us. We should understand the importance of the work performed by the crow. What is the fun of throwing the mask anywhere and everywhere. This will become a big problem if somebody else uses it.
    The video is not real and there may not be a crow that behaves like the crow in the video. But the message it is giving is really worthy.

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    Every advertisement or such clips have some messages. Whether or not it is authentic or merely it is a photoshop clip the message is good and it should be followed by everyone. Dustbin should be used instead of throwing anything here and there at any place.
    Some people are not habitual of using dustbin. It shows their mentality. I have seen some people who never chuck any paper or wrapper or anything anywhere but in dustbin.

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    I had mentioned "I am impressed by the creative text messages added to them.". I am sure all those who would have seen the video clips also would have got the right message.

    Hence it is just an academic curiosity to know whether such a crow is really there. We have seen trained pets and even wild animals caught and trained to do various tasks. But crow is not generally an easy one to get acquainted with humans; so getting them as pet and train them is still more rare and difficult. Even if the clip is just a video/photo trick I appreciate the effort.

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    Initially we made our youngsters as fools of basic things and morality in terms of science and now we are crying like this.
    Every good advises which were prevailing earlier, through school lessons, set aside by our present educational authorities in the name of new wave. In those days there was lessons in text books of History contains the history of Kings like Asoka etc., Through which our students were enlightened the good efforts did by those kings. For example, it is very well remembered by me, that there was a phrase in History book that King Asoka laid trees on every roads, dig ponds for public usage. Teachers while teaching such subjects explains the need of trees planting, creating water catching units for public and awareness of usage of trees and water were strongly sit in the minds of children. In Tamil there was a rhyme, 'oru kudam thanni oothinen oru poo poothathu.....' which means I got one flower as I pour water to the plant. This enables the students to learn numbers as well the habit of pouring water to the plants. Our Tamil Teacher indicated that the inner meaning of the rhyme as if we pour water you can get one flower like this if you want wellness you have to extend your hand for others. Nowadays everything went out as our present scholars opined what is the usage of old history and talking about the old things is mere waste as our target should be towards forward - and accordingly they have eliminated the history and morals in school subjects and thereby from the minds of youngsters.

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    Nowadays many such videos are in the circulation and some of them might be the genuine ones but most of them are edited or modified by the hobbyists who are there in a large number feeding short videos in the internet. Some companies promote these videos and lure the youngsters to their site so that they can upload more and more such short videos and the site becomes popular. Tik-tok is one example of same. I have seen a video in which a monkey comes and opens the tap of the water and drinks it and closes the tap nicely as humans do. Then there is a bird which pushes the lever up, to drink the water from the lever operated tap. There are so many to illustrate that animals are also following many things and then why we humans should not follow it.
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