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    Lockdown and the deteriorating routine of these innocents.

    Innocent children of many families who used to wake up between 5 am and 6 am during school days are waking up with laziness at 8:30 am these days. Even when there are online classes, their time is also only after 9 am, so even the children are sleeping till late. But this is not because the children do not want to get up themselves, but the reason is that the elders also have to say that the children should be allowed to sleep late because after waking up they will either make a noise or fight or they will stubborn for TV or mobile and then be bored throughout the day. The effect of this is that if children wake up late in the morning, then for sure they will sleep late at night too. This type of schedule can have many negative effects on the growth and development of children. Family should think about it and try to help their innocent children.
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    There has been a paradigm shift in our country with respect to the sleeping time and children are also affected by that. There is definitely the effect of modernisation as well as westernisation that has today created this situation where most of the people get up late and go to bed only at 12 o'clock or later in the night. It is not easy now to change this schedule as people have become habitual of seeing TV or internet programs or videos during the late hours and that has become the time to have fun and enjoyment. Parents have a big responsibility to bring the children to good life style and making them to get up early in the morning and then go to bed by 10 PM in the night. Some parents are not able to inculcate this in their own lives and it seems difficult as how they will inculcate it in the children when they are themselves not practicing it. The solution to this problem does not look as an easy proportion.
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    Many schools were operating in the early morning hours especially in the summer season before the lockdown and that made the people to ask their children to get up early in the morning and go out to catch the school bus or whatever other means their parents had arranged. Now that system is not there and online classes start late so everything has been shifted accordingly. It is the general tendency of the people to do things leisurely and at ease and until there is a compulsion or force no one gets up early in the morning and especially the children would resist if they are asked to do it.
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    Definitely agreeing to the writer. Lately there has been shift in the routine followed by these school kids. Earlier getting up at 5am and going to school , coming back a doing homework use to not only bring interest to the kids but also to their parents. Online classes might seem easier to operate, just sitting at home, but it is just not meant for kids, specially smalls kids of prep1 and nursery whose main motive to go to school was to spend time with other children, play with them. But with this online classes it has become more like a class of the parents rather than kids, who have to sit by the kids during whole class.
    None the less, this online classes are the only option, now in this pandemic, its just that the teachers can try the classes more interactive and interesting by adding projects or some activity to keep the kids engaging as well as interested.

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    Appreciation to the author for minutely observing the things moving around during this lock down and it is the fact that the children behavior has changed from good to the worse, thanks to over pampering and more curbs on their freedom and live to enjoy mode. Thus the children are allowed to sleep for more hours and they are not allowed to wake up unless and until there is urgent class of important. The working parents who are working from home have to complete the house hold work and if the child wakes up early they cannot complete the pending work. But the parents are creating bad habit to the child and suppose if the schools open after some days, these lazy habits would not vanish and they would be waking up not less than 9 am daily. So parents must understand this and ask the child to wake up early and do studies on own.
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    Schedules are changing for all the people. I used to get up at 6 AM. Now I am getting up at 7 AM only. I used to sleep at 11 PM. Now I am sleeping only after the date is changed. Almost all my family members have changed their routines. My granddaughters still not started their online classes and hence there is no change in their routines. My first granddaughter will get admitted next week and online classes will start for her. We have to see how she responds.
    In general, laziness is increasing in people. All the time in the house only. We are not allowing children to go to neighbours also. So they are also feeling monotonous. If this continues people will for get playing outdoor games and sports. So elders should try to keep them active as much as possible so that they will not become lazy. We have to see that they will be moving inside the house instead of sitting in one place in the house. Many of them are already missing happiness.

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    Changing the routine of the children as it is a non-class day will make a difference in their life routine. They need to be told that there is no connection between class and routine. It is necessary, they must be compelled to go to sleep and wake up on time. It will become a lesson in precision in their lives. This pandemic period will also pass. By the end of this year or next year. Still, this precision must remain in them. If the old norm can be carried away without change, it will last for the rest of their lives. If you train them at an early age to follow such priorities, that too will become ingrained in them with this precision.

    Many parents may feel that waking up late is enough to give their children the convenience of not being able to go to school. This may be due to the thought of why children should be bothered at such a young age or the idea of ??other relatives. Understand one thing. That it was a disaster in the lives of those children. The parents thinking that, if the children wake up early and after the time of the online class they will ask for something this and that and it will become some quarrels. If the parents allow sleeping more, to avoid such feelings of they are bothering the parents one by one, you will not be able to control their sleep time as they get older.

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