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    Are online job providers legit?

    With the huge advancement in the job sector, lately I have come across several sites where one can provide their qualification details , post their CV, and they are shortlisted for interview from prospective companies through that site. This indeed is a very smart move as it saves time, both for the employers and employees, also it helps the employers with a huge number of handy available candidates, which makes their recruitment process a little less troublesome.

    I came across some sites names,, , LinkedIn, Indeed. But one of the most surprising site I came across was Facebook. Lately Facebook has started this advertisement kind of area, where the employers post their candidate need with the type of work they would like them to get hired for, also they provide the contact details and sometimes even salary, which i feel is a great initiative. Personally I have even seen some of my friends and juniors, actually get a legit job from Facebook.
    But none the less, nothing comes without a con, these sites are definitely time saving , but these sites have also lately been used as scams, there is no authenticity of these jobs, they tend to contact you by the number provided in your CV, give you lucrative offers, and then ask for a registration fees, which sometimes they even guarantee to reimburse from their first salary. I personally have never been into such scams but have come across several posts and videos depicting the same.
    Please share your views , as to have you came across any such scams?
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    Good to know through the author that Facebook is also allowing the employers to use their site to announce the vacancies and job position by giving all details of employment and pay and thus it proves very beneficial as the candidate would be in direct contact with the company and no middleman or the recruiting agency in involved. As regard to Shine is concerned they are keeping on sending the job alerts to the candidates, unmindful of what the candidate has applied and what he gets as alerts. Suppose a candidate has applied for the marketing position, the alerts for the front office assitance, managers are being sent which is nothing but pleasing the candidate that some thing is being shown as employment opporunity and those are not useful at all. Direct appraoch to the company through their career openings is the best way to get jobs.
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    There are some reliable websites which are really making good efforts to see that employees and employers will contact each other through their websites. There are many reliable sites.
    Many times I have also received calls from Shine.Com asking me to pay some registration fee and they say that there are jobs with them which suits my experience and qualification. But I am not sure whether they are telling the facts. Then I told them that I will pay more than the registration fee if I get a job or I will register if I get an interview call. But they said they will not accept such proposals. Afterwards, I never responded.
    There may be many sites like this and they have chosen this way to make money. So one should be careful. If the registration fee is reasonable, one can try. But if it goes into thousands we should not get tempted to such calls or emails. A distant relative of mine was offered a job and asked him to pay Rs 20,000/-. But he never paid such amounts.

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    If we see it from a legal point of view then any person who gets an entity for business registered in the office of registrar in his state and mention it as online business then he can do the business in online and if revenue is substantial he might have to pay tax also in which case tax registration would also be required. Most of these companies are legit and ask for some nominal amount also sometimes towards registration fee or service charges but people do not pay until they have been helped by the site in that matter. If these sites ask high amounts then one should not give it as we are not knowing about their details whether they are genuine ones. Anyway, some of the online job portals do the job very efficiently and also match the CV of a person with that of the matching positions and give notification to the person. This is a good place to register and get alerts for job.
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