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    History should not become old.

    We all are living for the history, which may be the beginning of something for future or a ending of past. Therefore the history itself never ended and going as a new one. But in general we think that history is the past real facts in our society. Sometime it may be the life history of a person in past period of his life. But in every case we should not forget the history in our present life because it binding us with the flow of the society. Thus history is always a new inspiration with new thinking.
    What is your thinking.
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    Rightly observed by the author that today's happenings are tomorrows history. If things are normal and going. that cannot be history again , if there are twists and turns to the happenings then the happenings become history. For example during the first covid phase, the cases was more and the death rate was less. But in the second surge, the deaths are creating history and in many big cities the youth are losing their lives and that is creating ripple history for present and future. India cannot withstand the losing of young Indians at the hands of virus and thus we should stop this history happening in future. But again the mankind was defeated and the virus is taking varied courses and actions and putting all our plans and goals at the peril and the way the things are happening this pandemic is going to be the greatest loss to the mankind in general and particular for the Indians.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    History. What happened yesterday is history today. What is happening today will become history tomorrow. This is a fact. History what we read in the books is not witnessed by us. We don't know how far it is true. How many manipulations were done in that history is not known to us. But we should not forget what happened in our life previously. That means we should not forget our own history. Today we may be well off but if we remember the poverty we had earlier we can appreciate the problems of the poor today. It is always better if we remember what we are yesterday we will be a better human being.
    always confident

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    When sun rises another day of our life starts and the very next day it becomes our past. Generally, history is the past of our old generation/s. Once they lived on this planet and they lived in present of their age as we are living in our present. Each of us will become past for this generation and history for future generations. This is a cycle of time which is moving. New generation takes the place of old generation when old generation leaves this planet.
    Why we read history? History teaches us great lessons. History introduces great people who ever lived on this planet. They were powerful, influential, famous or notorious. Their names, achievements.and failures have been written in books for generations to come. We should take what is good from them and should leave what is bad from them.
    We are common people. How many people know about us? Our relatives, friends, acquaintances and some others. What about rest of the world? We are unknown to them.

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    By going through history, we would be familiar with the characters of the heroes how they could be so famous. At least, we would be aquatinted with their noble qualities or otherwise. While going through the characters of Akbar, we can see that he was not a great scholar but had the regards for the scholars present in his courtyard like Birbal, Baiju Basra. Moreover he had the great vision how the two communities- Hindus and Muslims could be united together with some administrative policies. He became favourites for both the religions because of his shrewd administration. Then again we can recall back Shahjahan for his unique gift to his Begum though the construction took roughly nineteen years to complete the same but he had both the patience and resources to complete the project. He is an example of being a great lover and for him, money was not the prime consideration but love had importance in his life.

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    History is the map of past activities and all the present activities go on adding to it and the history becomes enriched with that data day by day. What we do and perform today is added to the history and tomorrow the people will read it. History gives us the details of life and society in the past and it is natural that we learn a lot of things from the history. A person who has read the world history will see the things in a broader perspective because he had read all those events that happened in the world while the kings fought with each other, countries were invaded and new countries were formed, and many other such confrontations during the past. What we learn from the history is that there were so many unwanted things that happened in the past and now it is our duty and in fact duty of all of us to avoid those confrontations and make the coming history pleasant.
    Knowledge is power.

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