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    Habits to be nurtured and long term benefits

    The things not only liked by anyone, but useful things also need to be done. Things you like will give you temporary satisfaction, but useful things will last for a long time. Not all likes are may be necessarily formed by maturity or wisdom. Many of the likes will be the characteristics of age. Not all comments should be written off. Some of such comments may include the seeds of young shoots that need to be grown.

    For those who only care about their interests, the ways of those who have walked before will not be familiar. Those who have walked two feet ahead are well aware of the shortcomings of the path and the precautions to be taken. Anyone can't enjoy walking all the way themself. The preparation lessons provided by those who have walked before will make the coming journeys more enjoyable and useful. The height and beauty of the victory flag on the stage are determined by the pains endured in the back.
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    For every one of us we indulge in some activiities or the other. When that becomes the passion and most rewarding, we try to convert that act as habit. Once the habit is created, that becomes the sustained happening and we walk with that habit in future. And the take is that those who are ahead of their planned life, they already started the progress in life and that habitual trait gives them immense satisfaction because they have surpassed others in every task and happenings and thus their progress is noticed by others. However some are planning their task and habit in such a way that it would give long term benefits to them.
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    Following a path already created is easy and we will reach our destination is easy in such a condition. As a matter of fact, making a path is very difficult. A path made should be as per the rules and regulations and should also follow. Then only that path will be recognised as the path which can be followed by others. The followers should thank the person who created that path.
    While we follow the other person, we may find some better moves so that there will be an improvement in the whole exercise. There is nothing wrong with such innovations. People who have the confidence and ability only can take up such innovations. Because of the innovations, the followers will get helped. Again in the followers, somebody may try for some more innovations. It is a continuous process. A person who created the path or discovered the path and others who improved further are the real mentors for the next generations.

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    I agree with the author, habits are the most important part of our activities in our life, that plays role in our happiness also. Happiness or successes in life or anything else can be found in both, one will be temporary or fleeting and the other will be long-term. Most people would prefer to choose a path that would enable them to realize success or happiness as quickly as possible, while mature and experienced individuals know that the advantage is not temporary but in durability. When we incorporate good habits into our lives, we try to give our life stability, some habits that lead us to virtues and turn life into something where we can only through habit Acquires the ability to build a palace of happiness. Bad habits or unhelpful habits may give us some happiness for a few moments, but they can never be helpful in giving us a feeling of peace and fulfillment.

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    Indeed, people have different habits. They have clear demarcation between DOs and DON'Ts and accordingly they take or leave things or activities. To Like something is the enticement of infatuation and to like something which is useful comes with wisdom, prudence and experience. We should take things which will support us in days to come. The same is applied to our relationship. A prudent person takes all things as per their estimated value whether these are habits or relationships or any other thing.
    Those who are courageous always get ready to take initiatives , generally, these people make their own ways by treading ahead and their followers merely tread on their heels.

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