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    Keep control on the tendency of overeating.

    Food is important for the body, or we can say that it is the most important element. Our body needs the energy to perform every action and we all know that energy comes from the food itself, but it is also important to understand the appropriate amount of food. Some people are so adept at eating and are so fond of savory food that whenever they get their favorite food, they eat it without any limit, fill their stomach but they do not stop until their craving is satisfied. Many times in the wedding ceremony, people are seen who will go to every stall and eat every item, even if they have the problem of dehydration the next day. Just like the excess of anything is harmful, in the same way, the excess of food can prove to be very harmful, so determine the quantity of your food, keeping in mind your age, health, and other related elements, otherwise, one day's excessive food will keep you away from food for the next three days.
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    Nice post from the author which emphasise the need to take food which is necessary to mitigate the hunger, and not to fill the tummy as the cravings for the same is the reason. Most of food lovers like those food which are either fried item or with oily content. The evening time snacks are always with oily content and some have the habit of eating more than required and next day they would have say on their health. The morning break fast should be light, the afternoon lunch should sumptious, the dinner should be light. If these things are followed, surely the health can be maintained.
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    We should eat only we are hungry. We should eat within the limits. Overeating is a very unhealthy habit. Eat as much as required only. The food we eat should in proportion to the physical work we do. These days we have no physical work. Not going anywhere and simply spending time in the house only. So if we eat more we will get digestive problems.
    I have seen many people who are diabetic also eating sweets and many unhealthy foods. They used to suffer a lot due to health problems. My mother's sister's husband was a diabetic. He had many health problems. Many doctors advised him not to eat sweets and eat less rice. But he never cared. So during the lost five years of his life, he suffered. He was not able to move and his daughter in law did a lot of service to him. Even in that condition also never stopped eating unwanted foods and that too without a limit. More than him, his family members suffered to take care of him and serve him. So I agree with the author that no overeating.

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    Over eating is not a good habit and it leads to so many problems in life. One has to go for a balanced diet instead of eating more or eating too less. The food is very tempting for many of us and especially the tasty and delicious preparations attract every one and in that lures many of us and we take large quantities sometimes much more than what our body requires. Any extra food we take deposits fat in the body and all problems start with fat deposition. Those people who do a lot of physical work like the labourers and unskilled workers who have to toil throughout the day in hard physical work and if they take some more food then the fat will burn during that hard work but a person who is doing white collar job does not requires many calories as compared to that of what a labourer requires. So, best course of action is that one should take a balanced food and if possible slightly less than the requirement. That is the reason some people observe fast once a week to keep the balance.
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    Some people are glutton. They are voracious of eating. Once they start eating they don't stop until their stomach is overfilled. I agree with the author what she has observed in marriage functions. I also see such people who waste a lot of food by taking all type of food in their plates and keep on searching some more food. They don't consider how many plates they have used and what is the rate of each plate for the host who has to pay the bill per plate to the caterer.
    Overeating is a disease which invites other diseases also. People should refrain from overeating just for sake of taste of another dish.

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    Excess of everything is bad. More we eat more it could lead into problems and we may end up developing some health complications. The excess of protein intake could lead to an increase in creatinine and result in kidney problems, excess carbohydrates and fats could lead to diabetes and increase cholesterol level. We should eat according to our body requirement and always should keep in mind the demirits of overeating which could lead to health problems. Though everyone wishes to relish different cuisine we should try them within certain limits that won't affect our healthy life. We should also keep in mind the hygienic food and never try to grab anything and everything from the street which could be infected and could infect the immune system bady.

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    Indeed. Overeating has causes multiple damages to people over the time course. Food is indeed very important for our growth and well being however it should limited to the requirements of our body. As the author mentioned that whenever we find our favourite food we tend to overeat and Exide our capacity, this happens mostly with younger generations as they are highly unaware of the consequences, on the other side elder have already dealt with the consequences therefore they tend to control themselves. It is very important to control the urge of overeating, as it can lead to very harmful effects like cholesterol, diabetes or even stroke. All these consequences are life threating therefore one should be careful. One can control their urges through stricter dietary rules or by avoiding their comfort food whenever they can.
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    Food is definitely essential for our body for its normal functioning. Foods provide us nourishment so that we could be able to perform our tasks without feeling tired. However, we tend to ignore the limitations while taking meals or snacks especially when the tasty items are served along with the meals. In that situation, we overeat and this overeating is the root cause of our health problems. Overeating may cause indigestion apart from being fat in due course. They may ultimately become diabetic due to heavy consumption of foods. This can be seen after a few years of such bad habits especially if exercise is not taken up to burn out fat. What I feel discipline is the essential aspects to lead a healthy life.

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    The author has given very appropriate advice through his writing. One of the fundamental aspects of a healthy life is the adoption of a balanced diet. By having a balanced diet, both mind and body will perform at their best. Anything over and under necessity brings some discomfort, disease, or mental illness. So how to balance things in life should be the priority of all of us. The art of balancing should be paramount. We have found that nature always likes balance otherwise it has to bear the consequences. So it is important to have more focus on how to organize life properly?

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    Here I want to add the personal experience as to how over eating happens without even our knoweldge. Having accepted work from home task, many of us are now stay put at the home. That means we are with the family and their eating habits. When we are at the office, our daily diet is controlled and we would be carrying the lunch box with the required quantity of food, Now we are staying at home the tendency to eat more and eat more times has become the habit of many. And the house holds are making bad habit of having oily snacks in the evening and that is adding to our tummy as extra when we are at the house.
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    Overeating is said to be the source of many ailments and it is better to avoid this indulgence in our lives. Eating should be always done in a balanced manner as extra food is never good for our health. My grandfather used to take food only one time in a day and he was keeping good health. He told that there was no need to take food so many times in a day as in old age it was not required.
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