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    Are there any ways to temporarily block the thread?

    I posted one thread but immediately felt that something more could be added to it which required time but then I could not find an option to block this for further postings.

    Do we have any such options?
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    You can't block temporarily your posts, once you have posted. But the editors can lock and unlock, keep in pending or delete the threads.
    If you want to add something you have to edit the post and add new information. If you want to change information completely. You have to take your thread into edit mode. Then remove the whole content and paste the new one. As far as my knowledge goes this is the best way to modify your content on the thread you have posted.

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    As a author we have the edit button at our disposal which enables us to change the contents at once and re submit them at once or remove all the content through edit and type new content altogether.
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    Thanks for the response but my concern is how to control or stop the replies being made to the thread while this still being edited.

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    There is no way out. The only thing you can do is to post a response subsequently saying that you have updated your post with some additional information and request the members to take note of the same. Posting of responses cannot be helped even if you request an editor to do the needful because, by the time the editor intervenes, responses would have already been posted.

    It may also be noted in this connection that members, other than editors, have not been given access to other options like locking etc in the total interest of the site.

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    Saji has explained it so nicely and clearly but I am still tempted and taking the liberty to make a few lines here. One can use the edit button if there is no response and after the response (even one in number) there is no point in editing the post as it would lead to confusion and it is actually in bad taste if one does that intentionally. So best thing is to give a response from self and clarify or explain the points which were not clear in the main post. That would make the things clear and thread will flow ahead smoothly.
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