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    Why direct communication is paramount rather than heard it through the grapevine?

    We all have seen that the communication gap gives rise to numerous troubles in our lives.

    A game named Broken Telephone in which several people stand in one line. In which a person from one end of the line conveys some message to the person next to him. The next person does the same thing by passing the message to the person next to him. The special thing about this game is that whoever tells the message to the next person communicates it according to their nature, ability, and information what he thinks is right. This sequence continues until the message reaches the person standing at the other end of the line.

    It is often seen in this game that what is said by the first person changes entirely as soon as it reaches the last person. Its real argument is that everyone in between interprets the message to the best of their ability and passes it on to the next person without contemplating whether the message was right or wrong. This type of video is also becoming quite popular on social media.

    This demonstrates that if there is no direct communication then it is nearly impossible for the actual message to reach the intended person. Naturally, new problems will arise which will result in ill effects on health and mind. Therefore it becomes necessary for the sender and receiver to go for direct communication rather than hearing it through the grapevine.

    Please share your valuable thoughts on this and how to remove miscommunication?
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    Yes, the thread narrates the true picture of the happenings elsewhere in the country and the uninterrupted communication channels whether it could be Print, Electronic or the so called Social Media are mostly responsible for this.

    Direct communication is always better so that the message would reach the person whom we intend to communicate without any added flavour by the third party. But it is always not possible and sometimes our intentions are not the same when we express our thoughts but the receiver applies his own mind and may interpret in his own way. It would end there itself had he confined to himself but the buck won't stop there. He passes it on to his friend to empty his disturbed mind and the chain continues to give a new twist to words of the person who utters in the very beginning.

    Grape wine information is different from the direct communication as it serves as a tool for the organization or the HR Heads or the Administrators in Govt. Offices to understand the mood of the employees or to get the first hand information from the field level so that they can take remedial measures or to handle the things effectively. But its the responsibility of the persons at the helm of affairs to filter the Grape wine they were served and analyze the merits of the information received.

    As you said Direct Communication should be the best tool to sort out things in our personal affairs rather than discussing /involving others so that things could be resolved in an efficient way.


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    Good thread initiated by the author which emphasis the need to have direct communication instead of relying on the sources not known to us. Invariably it is the born trait in many to add some more ingredients to already circulated fake message and thereby making the so called information more attractive and more believable and thus such messages forwarded beyond verification and some times the same message comes to the creator with varied added ingredients much to his or her own surprise. This is the era of online vigil and look out by the law enforcing agencies and especially the cyber crime cops are nabbing those who create wrong message and create panic among the public for forwarding it. Instant punishment must be meted out to those who forward such messages and would alone reduce this menace.
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    This is a very interesting matter. It happens what the first person said and the information is transmitted through a chain of narrators and reaches the last person, generally, some changes in the original information occurs in this whole process. The authenticity of this information depends on the reliability of chain of the narrators.
    This is a separate subject that studies detail information about narrators also.
    It is very interesting to study this subject.
    However, the author has taken this issue for discussion in a normal way. I have studied a few famous books on this topic which are originally written in Arabic like : Tehdhib Al Tehdhib, Tehdhib Al Kamal, Taqrib Al Tahdhib etc.concerning study of prophetic teachings that have been compiled in form of books with detail information about narrators. Abovementioned books carry hundreds of narrators with detail information about them and also views of famous compilers of books and erudite scholars who dedicated their whole.lives in this regard their opinions about each narrators have been mentioned herein.

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    The author has presented a nice topic reflecting our attitudes when we are in the habit of passing on some information to many of our friends to be conveyed to a particular man since from his end, the same was not conveyed personally to him. We could see a change in the pattern of the message when it reaches to the other end. The meaning of the message would be lost and his friend would understand otherwise. Hence it is always better to communicate personally so that the original theme of the discussion is not lost. However, the meaning of the message would not alter if it is a written one from the communicator.

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    Very interesting post made by the author regarding communication between people. I remember when I was in my class 6 or 7, we played the game as mentioned in the post and when the last person told something very different from the first person then everyone laughed and it was a great fun. What happens that when an information passes from one hand to other through a chain of people then it gets distorted and sometimes there is a big change in the meaning and then it losses its authenticity. In the real world around us this is happening on a daily basis and some gullible and simple people are becoming victim of these distorted information. In todays situation we should not believe in the information which is coming to us from various such doubtful sources which are not reliable and for all of us it a big challenge today to find out the true things. If we are able to get the information directly like from the reputed site of a particular organisation then it is better to explore those sources rather then the sources of dubious nature. There is no substitute for direct communication.
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    That is very true. Many times it happens. In many organisations especially in the private sector the management will be holding get together or parties to the employees at various levels. In these gatherings, the top bosses from administration and HR will try to talk separately with the employees and try to get the information. But a wise person will get information from different people on the same subject and try to make out the facts. One should not depend completely on grapevine information. The success of a boss completely depends on understanding the actual facts in grapevine information.
    Communication is also a vital factor. Communication is a two-way process. How a person communicates is one point and how the other person received it is the second point. Many times there will be a gap in this and the matter will change when it goes from one person to the other. So it is always better to depend more on the direct communication.

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    The author has given the right idea, here is a mention of a game which is probably played by everyone and we know the seriousness that when the message reaches the last person through so many people, it will be accompanied by our words Many other words will have been added that will change the original meaning of the sentence or message, in the game this laughter ends in jest but in real life, this process can lead to big differences so the messenger must be either very trustworthy so that Your message reaches the last person as it came to your mind, or if it is possible then we should not depend on any mediator for our message, because even if the mediator is our own, the mistake can be made by anyone. The biggest advantage of present-day technological development is that now we can give our message directly to the person to whom we want to give it. Another important point is also that by giving your message with your voice over the phone or in front, the purpose of the message is fulfilled because many times the written message cannot be understood your feelings or thoughts.

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    We should not believe or accept any information which is coming from grapevine or rumour sources. People will modify the information in any way they like and then if it reaches us what we will do with it. We require authentic and useful information for our reference and wasting time in other things is not required. That is the main reason why we should even cross check the information sometimes when we have doubts regarding its authenticity.
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