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    The safe and secured countries to start collegiate education

    The months May and June are the periods most of the HSC/A-level/+2 exam results will be released in most of the countries. Expatriate Indian children completing their schooling in overseas could not return back to India for their collegiate education due to the COVID19 situation. In some countries where they are finishing their schooling also got highly infected and they are not keen on staying there further.

    People can share your views so that people facing such difficulties can think and decide about where to go for their collegiate education.
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    Dr Palanichamy, first of all I welcome you to this educational and knowledge sharing portal commonly known as ISC within its members and I also hope that we all will be benefitted by your experience and knowledge in the field of education. Coming to the issue raised by you, yes it is a big issue and problem for the children who have gone outside to study and due to corona pandemic are trapped there. I believe none of them will be having a resident status in that particular country but seeing the present pandemic situation those countries might have given them permission to overstay and even permission to work for a limited hours in a week and then they have to either manage their financial things through their families in the country of origin or earning money by some small jobs available in that country till the situation improves. It is not clear how those countries are going to tackle the issue of expatriates in such a critical juncture but hopefully something favourable will soon emerge for their rescue.
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    Thank you Prof. Umesh. Many of our people have the same confusion where to go. At present, according to me, Malaysia seems to be a choice rather than Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

    Several families staying overseas on employment pass asked me about this question. That's why I put it on an Open Forum like ISC. Rather than giving my views alone, I am happy to give them feedback from senior experts like you.

    Once again, thank you and have a good day!

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    Welcome Palanichamy, nalvaravu to this happening educational site and great to have you on this forum on board. It is the fact that those who are gone out of the country and those who held up for having stuck up due to lock down and other problems are facing the situation worst. This is the lesson the parents and students should learn that when the country is giving the best education and thereafter good job, why they are opting for the other countries, and having taken the decision, they should have their plan to bail out from there. Many of my relatives gone to other countries are feeling to come back as the children joined in the school are not having writing part and only conversation which does not fit into our way of eduction and the age is running out and the children are yet to have command on grammer, cursive writing and unable to understand sentence formation.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dear Sri. Mohan,

    Thank you very much for your response. I am happy about your concern on our people. I will pass on your views to our associated families here.

    I know that India is the land for education. Still people are thinking on other nations.

    According to me - East or West, home is the best!

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    Actually the main idea of going abroad for education is not for the quality of education but the chances and opportunity of getting a job there. As the salaries are comparatively very high there so after getting a job, a person can live in a far better financial condition than that of India. So, that is the main motivation. Once a person gets settled there and gets a permanent resident status then he does not come back to India and tries to take his other family members there if that is allowed to that extent. The present situation is a setback for all such aspirants and in this condition one considers his home country as the safest place to live. We get low salary here but it is our country and we have all freedom here.
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    I do not agree with the some people contention that the idea of going to have education in other countries is to have good education and there after good job. But what I found that one my relative who gone there for green pastures has landed up in a much inferior job than what he thought and unable to return India for having got decieved , has some how managed and got another job based on Indian people working there, who helped him to get better job commensurating with the experience and that way he has survived, otherwise the matter would have gone bad to worse for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    While considering the education of India, we are not lagging behind the others if we compare our standards with the others. In fact, we are ahead of others in some of the areas. Those living in abroad are interested to secure jobs while living over there and that is their main attraction of staying abroad. In the area of getting a job in India, these days it has been difficult because of decreasing production in the service sectors and aspirants are more than the required number of the vacancies. May be the current situation would improve after the pandemic situation is over. The aspirants living in abroad would not like to face such a stiff situation and as such they would not like to come back this time. Hope, with the improvement of the situation in relation to job prospects in India, the situation could be favourable later on.

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    Welcome to you, Dr Palanichamy, on this site which is an educational site and gives good insights to the students as well as the job aspirants regarding various chances available across the globe. In the present pandemic situation, people everywhere are suffering from different problems. People who went abroad are not able to come back and at the same time, they are not sure of getting their Visas extended. Some of my friend's sons went to Canada last year and some are already there and the feedback I am getting back from them is that Canada is a good destination for the people who wanted to have their education and try for settling there.
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    Thank you Dr. Rao. I too have the same idea. I got feedback from some of my students working there. They also mentioned the same view.

    I will share your thought to the concerned people. Good day!

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