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    Let us promote only scientific temper and avoid stupidity

    BJP MP, Pragya Singh Thakur, who is also the main accused in one of the worst bomb blasts in the country, now advocates drinking the urine of the cow to fight against Corona. This is the height of absurdity. Very strangely, our Prime Minister who gives sermons through his monologues on television, and whose party now shamelessly talks about 'positivity' as if they have won a war, has not even condemned this atrocious advice. Promotion of such practices and primitive and unscientific methods of Covid treatment need to be condemned by one and all.

    Let us raise our voice against all such stupid and insane advice. Let us promote scientific temper all around.

    {Author to strictly note- Edited}
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    I appreciate the courage of the author to raise voice against such non-scientific statements and we must condemn and discourage such cures until they are supported by the proper clinical testing and corresponding results. But at the same time it is nothing new in our country. There had been numerous such cases in the past also during the various regimes covering the last 73 years. We have to understand that all the people of this country are not of scientific temperament and are ready to believe in anything which can impress them. If we remember, one of the past PM, Morarji Desai was a great advocate of this urine therapy albeit in a different form and combination and many people followed him. There are many such other examples though exactly not in the drug line but they show our stupidity time and again. If we remember there was a case of making petrol from grass in the state of Kerala or Tamilnadu, a few years back and instead of doing its scientific investigation the CM of the state at that time applauded the effort of that parson and accepted it in front of a huge crowd. What happened to that petrol innovation? So, the present thing is nothing new and is a very common thing and is one of the bead in that chain.
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    Some people believe that using cow urine and cow dung both are useful for people. Several diseases can be cured. Some people think that even corona can be cured too. I think this idea is not bad. Our scientists should research if cow urine and dung can cure Corona. What is wrong with doing research?

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    I don't know about cow urine as a drug for corona. But cow urine is having many medicinal usages. In Ayurveda, there are some medicines where they use cow urine as an ingredient. People who believe in Ayurveda say that cow urine is useful for treatment even though there are no scientific publications on this. Ancient standard Ayurveda literature says that cow urine is having medicinal uses. Recently I have seen an appreciation letter written by a foreigner who came to India for treatment for cancer underwent treatment in Kerala called cow therapy and got cured. Many issues we pushed aside as baseless are proved to be correct in many types of research carried out by famous scientists in foreign countries. We need not astonish if some scientist proves that Cow urine is useful as medicine we all will run after that.
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    In this era of the epidemic, where the common people are being told the same thing, that Corona should not spread any kind of rumors or false facts, and on the other side the great politicians of the country are doing the same thing. By the way, now the people have become sensible and know that they do not have to pay attention to meaningless things, but even today there are some people who are blindly trusting such hypocrites as well. Know when this mess will stop, which was earlier limited to emotions, but now people are facing trouble for life. No doubt that there was a time when cow urine was one of the purest remedies in the old days when the cow was worshipping by people and getting pure eatable items but we can not considered it now due to many reasons. Maybe it will not be harmful to people but at the same time, it will not cure corona. Corona is a pandemic and only preventions would be the best remedy for this.

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    There are many natural things that are mentioned in Ayurvedic or other traditional systems and if some concrete clinical research can be done then only we will know the effectiveness of those methods. In absence of those research nothing can be said.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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