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    DOs and DON'Ts should be explained

    Some people have a list of DOs and DON'Ts but some people keep them in a bag and take each of them as and when required. As far as my DOs are concerned each of them has a different level and different significance. Nothing can be at par value as there should be a difference in their estimated value and importance. Some DOs are done for the sake of doing because there is no motive behind doing it but kind of formalities. But some of them are to be performed as obligatory duty and onus and no external stimulation is required to work on them.
    Our DON'Ts check out activities, sometimes, some of them are obligatory on us due to internal indifference and sometimes, external reasons e.g. we are deprived of activities freely due to lockdown. It is applied to all regardless of who he is but generally, kind of self-made prohibitions that keep one staying away from doing something entirely depends on volition.
    Bottom line is that all DOs and DON'Ts should be well defined to keep a balance between different activities. Permissions and prohibitions should be founded on comprehensive IFs and BUTs also because they clarify the status of permissions and prohibitions explicitly.
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    For that matter the Do's and Dont's are carried as riders for every rules that is formed and followed by the government or even the private companies. Those are the the laid down rules to which nothing can be compromised. For example any company has fixed rules regarding the entry and exit time to the office. Three lates considered one absent and if a employee do not comply with this rule would be taken seriously. And in some companies the finger impressions are taken while entering and exiting the office. Some employees who forget complying with the rules end up with less salaries or even considered absent. In this case the administration is not at wrong as they have to follow the set rules and by not complying with the rules the emplyees have not given credence to the dont's. One things is sure rules are made not to disobey it.
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    Dos and Don'ts for any issue will be designed on various factors like safety and security of the individual working on that task, quality and quantity of the output, expenses that will be incurred etc. So when some Dos and Don'ts are made, they are to be followed strictly so that the whole process will be safe.
    Again if we classify these Dos and Don'ts into various categories some will be general issues and some will be specific to a particular job. What we call traffic rules are nothing but dos and don'ts while we are travelling on a road. By following these rules we are safe and we are keeping others also safe. By not following them you and the other passengers are at risk.
    So one should not ignore the Dos and Don'ts made. At the same time, these should be very elaborative and descriptive so that the readers will understand them properly and follow them without any second thoughts.

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    Dos and don'ts help us in keeping a tab on our actions whether we have to do them or not do them. Every one has his own list of dos and don'ts for the jobs to be taken by him for his personal life but one has to abide by them when one goes to the workplace where the workplace also has its own dos and don'ts. Adhering to these dos and don'ts help us to do the things in a smooth way.
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