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    When you don't know about the future, how can you curse the present situation.

    Last year, when the onset of 2020 was accompanied by a pandemic, people all over the world were cursing on 2020, and everyone was thinking when this wretched year would end, and the next year would bring new hope, but it did not happen. Rather, when we look at it, we will see that this year has been more troublesome for us than last year because we saw a more terrible form of this epidemic this year especially in our country with the second wave.

    The only thing is that many times we start thinking of our present so bad and cursing its situation that we ourselves lose hope of anything good and therefore we actually cannot do anything good and makes the situation worse.

    So when we do not know whether our future will be better or perhaps worse, then it is simply, that we can do only one thing with perfection, and that is, live life by making your present as best as possible, perhaps only by doing so our future will improve itself
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    There is a meaning for the people to hope for good because as per the rule of nature, after the bad period , good moments should start and in that reference people are hoping to get in to main groove of life. But it turned to be otherwise for this year. When last year we were having more cases, more recoveries and less deaths, this time more cases, very more deaths and less recoveries and this probably shaken the belief of the people. The past was very scary, the present was more terrified with lost of lives of near and dear ones , including friends and known persons, and the what is store in future is not known. But hoping for good is always a human tendency and that is the positive way of approach to life. And why we are cursing the present situation, because it has taken the toll of innocent who have not even gone out side and yet lost their lives.
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    We are all optimistic. We always think that the days to come will be much better than the present days. Otherwise, we will not find any reason to live. Especially when we are in troubles at present, we will continue to live thinking that our present difficulties will be over and we will enjoy our future. We don't know our future and how it will be. But we will find peace if we think that our future will be good. In 2020 we thought 2021 will be good and now we are thinking that 2022 will be good. Let us pray to God that he will give all of us a peaceful future.
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    I agree with the author. Everyone is just thinking about the next good time. People's lifestyles would have changed if they had realized that the future was good or bad. No one would have prayed for the end of the last bad year in its present state. The reason for that is clear. We have seen the first scene of the Pandemic era. If some people thinking as it is horrible, and scared how can we live, how can we blame them?
    It was the first time in their lives that they had seen such a bad situation. So everyone loves to think and consider that next year will be better with optimism. Can anyone predict the future or what will happen in the next moment? Isn't it still thought that people will recover from this condition in the next three months? Because man is so optimistic, he thoughts it will be a good time to come. But this year has proved that it does not matter to blame what is happening now. So the only thing that matters is to think and act positively every moment we get. We can purify our minds and hearts by doing good to those who need the moments we get.

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    This appears a good piece of advice by the author that we should not blame our present whenever difficulties and bad times are there because we do not know that worse time may be there in store for us in the future. The present will not become better just by cursing it and blaming someone for this situation. We have to fight and come out of the situation if not individually then collectively and if people help each other then definitely there will be a way out from any adverse situation.
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    It is said that the best philosophy in life is to forget the past, live and work in present, and do not dream for future. So, the present time is not for cursing but it is for working and that too hard work and effective methods to be applied for it. The result of all this might be good or not good that we will come to know in the future only but assuming that it would be good is too much for asking. We all know that future is unknown and in fact that is the biggest challenge of our lives. So, when it is unknown why we should have been conjecturing about it. That would never help.
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    The author is right, when we don't know what to expect from future, it seems bit hypocritical to bash our present situation. However it is impossible for human being to curse at a bad situation they are in, it is human tendency to curse their situation in hopes to get out of it. We don't have control over our present but we can have control over the future, it might be worse than our present or better or even the best. Rather than blaming and cursing our present our being optimistic over our future without doing anything, we should instead start working towards achieving a better future than our present. it only makes sense if we hate our present so much that we harder and push ourselves to better the situation rather than sitting an blaming or crying over what has already been done.
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