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    Hunger hunt with sarees.......

    If you have a saree that you do not like and take up space in your dress shelf, it will help to deliver food to many people who are hungry during this lock down time. Mamta Das Sharma, a stylist from Kolkata, has started a challenge to free the sarees from the prison of the fashion shelf. They have set a different example with the hashtag 'Sari Savings Life'

    A saree that has no place in your mind may have a place in the minds of others. Share a picture of such a saree on social media with the hashtag 'Sari Savings Lives' along with the address and bank details of the NGO, working for suppressant hunger. Those who want to buy the saree will send money (the quoted price in the social media) directly to the NGO. Upon receipt of information from the NGO that the money has been received, our sari can be sent to the address provided by them. The money goes directly to the NGO that helps with hunger.

    Within a month of the first phase of the Sari Challenge, their group raised Rs 2 lakh for the hunger hunt project. In this second phase, more than fifty thousand rupees have been received in a short span of days. Women's organizations can do such good deeds in this way by joining hands with NGOs that are trying to feed the poor in their area. The needy will get food and there will be some space in our Almirah. Men can also lend a helping hand in this regard.
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    Very very novel method of mitigating hunger through those sarees which are lying waste in the shelves and this seems to be the great challenge as the NGO which thought of it is getting the things done, the not required saree is not more seen in the shelf and above all the hunger is addressed and those who are hungry are reaching to the food. In Hyderabad we have the wall of help and the fridge has been kept at many places were in the food and unwanted clothes can be deposited and who ever wants can take. But here the misuse of the same takes place and who is taking the food and dressses not known . However what the author shared is the best information and hope every lady who want to get rid of old sarees can help mitigate hunger in poor in their own way and surely this would become more famous in the days to come.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We should appreciate the NGO for their novel idea which helped many people who are starving. Many times we donate clothes to NGOs which they will distribute to orphans and other poor people. It is very nice to hear that many ladies are donating their salaries to NGOs to sell them. I agree with the author that men also can think of giving their unused clothes which are good for use to NGOs so that they can make some money.
    In these difficult times, one should think of helping the people who are really suffering. All may not be able to help by giving cash. So helping them in kind is also very nice and let us all explore the new ways to help others.

    always confident

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    This is really a very unique and interesting idea to generate revenue to help the poor and needy by releasing the sarees in the wardrobe which are either in excess and not in use. I appreciate the person who has thought this and converted it in a viable fund raising proposition. If that NGO is using this money to help the poor and hungry then many applauds and praises for that organisation and we should also try to help them in whatever way we can do either by releasing the excess stock from our wardrobes or even if there is a shortage of sarees, buying them. The good thing is that the money goes directly to the NGO and there is no hassle because of the online transactions in these selling and buying actions.
    Knowledge is power.

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