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    Have you noticed the advanced working style of SBI ?

    Two days back my wife recieved the sms message that the debit card is dispatched and it is on the way through speed post. The ATM card given by the bank is valid upto June 21. That means 40 days more validity is there. But they have sent the card much before and that should be appreciated. Gone are the days when we used to visit the branch and make request for the renewal or the new debit card and this service of sending of the same before hand is something really appreciatable and hence shared here. Any comment?
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    Many banks are doing like this even for credit card and debit cards. They are sending the cards through courier services and the courier service personnel also simply not giving the card but asking for the ID proof etc and many of them insisting the recipient should be the addressee exactly. It is very good safety measure.

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    When the customer gets the postal tracking number, and that cell phone message is the proof of having the account with the bank.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I think the State Bank of India is learning lessons from private banks. I have a credit card from Stanchart. The card is valid till June 20th of this year. I received the new card on April 20th. That means I received the new card two months in advance. Earlier I received my card from HDFC also in two months advance. All private banks are giving a tough fight against this banking giant. That is why these government banks are also trying to improve their performance. That is why probably they are changing their way of working and that is good for the organisation as well as the public.
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    Dr Rao you have added good information and that proves SBI has been rattled to stand in competition from private banks which are bringing banking to home. That means collecting huge sum for deposits from the home.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    There was a time when private banks started to open in a big number and people thought and even believed that State Bank of India (SBI) and some other PSU banks will close down due to their horrible service and equally horrible attention to the customers. But nothing of that sort happened and we have seen the phenomenal growth of SBI and improvement in its operations. On the online and digital side they have done a lot of modifications and their site is one of the robust one in our country. They are still improving and being a PSU bank their rise in customer satisfaction is remarkable. Their mobile app called YONO is also quite useful and convenient to use. Being a Govt Sector bank they have still some issues regarding the behaviour of staff with the customers but I hope there will be more improvement in that aspect and soon they will be at par with many top private banks. Let us hope they maintain their progressive form for a long time.
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    It is quite surprising to know SBI is doing well! . Generally, government establishments do not work properly. It is not confined to SBI only, I am talking about government sector. Red-tapism is a common practice in government sector. If you complain against employees for their ill treatment or poor service you are hardly entertained. You can not change the system because abasedness is highly deep rooted. Amelioration is required but how to make the whole system in order is a complicated matter. Now this system is changing and service is being improved. Is it fear of privatisation of government sector? It is very much possible that government establishments are changing their working style. They are emulating private sector where satisfaction of customers to the service of the establishment is on priority. If customer complains against any employee, most probably, he will be fired.

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    While looking at the performance of public sector banks especially SBI, there has been tremendous improvement when we compare the same from the earlier years. The working culture of this bank was not up to the satisfaction level five years back and the most disappointing aspect was the behaviour of the working staff and for the same you could hardly get support from the superiors of the management. Then the private banks stepped in with their improved performance. For whatever banking operation is needed, they will serve you with your utmost satisfaction. Second largest bank after SBI is ICICI, known for its excellent service to the extent that they will drop in to your request even for opening an savings account at their branches apart from other banking services. This was later felt by the management and they felt the need for the improvement. Hence a part of credit goes to the private banking management for the improved culture of SBI.

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    Generally, it has been found that there is a need for a lot of improvement in both the facilities by the public banks or the behavior of the employees with their customers. Most customers in private banks are relatively more satisfied with the banking process. It is a piece of good and positive news that now government banks are also giving value to their customers and giving facilities keeping in mind their comfort. I am not one of them who visited banks often but yes I am aware of the process that is quite better than before in public banks.

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    After a long time I visited my branch yesterday and found quite swanky and lots of money spent on interiors probably competing with private banks.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dear Mr. Mohan,

    I too had the same experience with SBI. But, in 1993 when I was in India, I scared of opening even a Savings Account because of their performance at that time. Now a days they are good in service.

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    It is undoubtedly a fact that the SBI has improved its performance significantly but when it comes to the behaviour of the staff then they have yet to improve a lot. There are so many complaints about the staff not behaving properly.
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    This is not a new thing that a bank despatches the ATM credit or debit card well in advance. Other banks also do this well in advance. I would say that the services of other banks are far better than SBI.
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