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    Start with a word pair, End with the same - but in reverse

    This "S&E" is the fourth and final summer camp activity (next weekend will be the month-end Topic-based TOW so we will not have an activity clashing with that).

    What you have to do: Consider any pair of words (just about anything you want) and submit a writeup (not a creative story or song/poem) that begins with that pair. When ending, you have to put the exact same pair of words, but in reverse order. The word pair need not be objects. It can be something like 'Sea and sky'. The more unique, the better! You can also use singular or plural word pairs, but if you start with them in the singular, it should end similarly.

    Please submit a writeup in a response to this thread itself, with only one response allowed per member. You may edit at any time for making corrections, before closing time, but do not change the core of the text.

    An example: You begin with 'Locks and keys', so you must end with 'keys and locks'.

    The challenge is, firstly, you cannot put any word(s) before the start of the word pair and after the word pair. In the above example, you cannot put 'The locks and keys' or 'There are locks and keys', and you cannot end with 'Keys and locks are necessities'. At the same time, it should be grammatically correct. Secondly, the write-up should not exceed 10 sentences.

    This is not a contest, but consider it as a trial run for a future contest that will be scheduled for next month with more inherent challenges in it. This trial is an opportunity to practice. However, good quality responses may get enhanced points and may also be given cash credits up to 10.

    Closing date: 26th May 2021.
    Update: last date is extended to 28th May 2021.
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    Educate, mitigate are the two problems being faced by the people today against all odds of challenge and yet some are successful, some have postponed their moves and some are away from the problem. Educate here does not mean taking the on going on line classes, but getting understanding to it and learning something which is not told by teacher and not taught either too. Mitigate does not mean we should wait for someone to help us during the crisis. We have to explore possibilities of doing some extra job at the home with the house members and thus mitigate the urgent needs of family. So when we try to plan for future let their be two aspects. mitigate, educate.
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    Birth and death are not separable. A person who born will die one day or other. From the time we born, we will start our journey towards our death. Oneday in our life gone means we came oneday nearer to our death. But thinking that we will be there forever we start accumulating money by deceiving others without any fear. Even we know that our life is like a water bubble and that may explode at any moment we will continue our struggle in our lives. A person who knows that these worldly pleasures are not permanent will always try to do good deeds and earn a good name in the world. Those persons who know this concept will never worry about the happenings here. For them, there is no much difference between death and birth.
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    Hard work is the greatest action in our lives as this only makes a way ahead for us to progress and prosperity. Generally people will have a tendency to do things using short cuts and they see the immediate gains rather than a long time strategy for higher objectives and their achievements. Today there is so much competition in every area and it is impossible to compete without having inclination for working more as per the requirement of the job or engagements. There is no free lunch in this world and we should not wait for some help or push that will magically lift us in our career. If someone has that type of notion in his mind then he is simply day dreaming. Life is not about dreams, it is all about working hard and executing things meticulously and efficiently to progress ahead in carer as well as in ones personal life. Only doctrine for success in this word is - work hard.
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    "Pencil and pen are the two writing materials that we should keep with us. While we can erase a pencil writing, it is difficult to erace a writing by pen using ink. Though there are erasers to erase ink writings, it is not perfect. Hence it is always better to draft a write-up with a pencil that can be easily amended or changed if any mistake is committed. Pen is mightier than sword is a proven proverb. So, always keep both the pen and pencil."
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    My word pair is " Input and Output"

    Input and output are complementary to each other, we have always been taught that our actions will be reflected with the result in the same. Positive Karma results in positive and negative Karma negative. The mathematics of input and output is applied everywhere, be it computer, karma, energy, or anything. That is why remember that if you want good results, then keep your focus not on the result, but more on the work being done in the present, which means your inputs. Behind every event in life, some reason or any of your actions are hidden because nothing happens without reason. If you have done the deed once, it will definitely have some result, as after every input one gets its output. That's why pay attention to your inputs because ultimately the truth is that it is both yours, the output and input.

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    Day and Night, engulfs us into our own nightmares and dreams. We chase things we cannot achieve at the same time we let go without trying things that are meant to be. We chase for a better future turning our days into nights, which ultimately creates a worthless ending. It doesn't matter, that you should always have a full proof strategy, sometimes, learning through your mistakes and growing through the whole process of achieving your goal makes the journey worth it. It actually is irrelevant as to how many sleepless nights have been spent , or how many productive days have been planned, what matters in the end is how creativity and perfectly have you been able to convert your struggling Nights into shining Days. I guess that's the beautiful ending to your nightmares and a start to your ever bright Nights and days.
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    The relation between the patient and the doctor goes beyond the fee what the patient pays during the course of treatment. However the patient remains under the impression that the doctors are professionals having no attachment for their patients and are doing this profession for the sake of money. The patient visits the chamber with the hope of relief of the existing issues and nothing else. But what would you say if an oncologist carries out the surgery of a tumour of a ten year old boy without any monetary demand for his tireless operation for four hours to save the patient from its present ailments. Though such examples are rare but not unusual even in the present time reminding us of the close bond between the patient and the doctor.

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    Supply and demand fluctuate continuously over time. It is very essential to understand these two words to get better information about the price of a commodity in the market at a particular time. With the increase in supply, we notice that prices begin to decline, but as demand increases, prices also commence to rise. Often there is competition in the market due to excess supply, the consumer always goes to the seller of the cheaper goods to take this benefit. At the same time, when the demand increases, the consumer is inclined to pay any higher price. As a result, the prices of goods rise. So to always get a good deal, we need to know this aspect of economics. Therefore we must learn the law of demand and supply.

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    Interesting responses are coming in, thank you.

    Dhruba and Sheo Shankar Jha- your entries are invalid. Read the instructions again. Since this is practice for a future challenge contest, you may try again one more time with a fresh response, either with the same core theme or a new one, but will not get enhanced points and cc.

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    Word pair: Health and Wealth:

    Health and wealth are the both very important in our life. We start with health and no wealth. When one starts earning or keeps other goals and aims then one starts relegating his priority of health and brings wealth into life. He works hard, even overworks; knowingly or unknowingly spoiling his health. In the subsequent stage he has more wealth and less health-that is the middle age. The irony is that now he starts spending the same wealth which he earned by ignoring his youth health, now to regain and re-catch the same health. But he is late because many lifestyle diseases and other problems have caught him. Let us admit that both health and wealth are needed for our life. But we should know to prioritise them and put limits to them. It is interesting that we can position their order as we want, at different stages of life, by just interchanging the first letter of words wealth and health.

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    Bull and bear are the two words that are commonly used in the stock market. Why these two words are used? Have you ever noticed these two beasts attacking their opponents? When a bull attacks its opponent, thrusts horns up in the air. But when a bear attacks an opponent, the paws swipe down. These actions are the metaphors for the movement of the stock market. When the trend of the market is upwards, it is a bull market and if the trend of the market is downwards, it is a bear market. A bull market is a sign of optimism, and a bear market is a sign of pessimism. Know the trends in the share market with the symbols of bear and bull.

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    Vandana Ma'am,

    Although it is just a practice contest, still there is no doubt that through this we have got a chance to write something innovative and creative. As the site was not working for the last three days, the entries of many authors are still not submitted. According to the thread, today is the deadline for the submission of the responses, but if it is extended it will probably get even more interesting and creative responses. I have a humble request, to extend the last date of submission. Thank you!

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    Yes Swati, when I realized that ISC was blocked out, I had already decided to extend the date as soon as we were back online. Entries can now be submitted up to 28th midnight.
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    Deep and shallow are two words that instantly trigger people's thought process. The travel enthusiasts who love to visit seashore or riverbed remain very cautious about the depth of the water level. They even caution other travellers regarding the volume of water, either in the sea or the river, is deep or shallow. Now, let's talk about a cook, be it professional or not, who can easily relate to the words deep and shallow because of their frying technique of an item called deep or shallow fry. A word pair 'deep and shallow' can be observed in various art forms such as performing arts, literary arts, visual arts, and cinematography. The human heart is also interestingly not devoid of the intensity of emotion, which can be termed as deep or shallow. Even human characteristic is to behave in a particular situation according to one's attitude towards it: just like shallow or deep commitment. So, one can say that various personal life lessons and thorough observation of the happenings in and around help a person to understand the broader meaning of shallow and deep.

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    King and province are incomplete without each other. A king rules over the province and sometimes considered mpre important then his province but I feel that it's wrong to do so. As king performs the function of protecting people of his province and maintain a good administration. But it's oftenly said that god exists only because of his devotees, similarly king exists only because support of his province's people. Hence both are equally important, province and king.

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    Word pair: paper and pen
    Paper and pen are two important thing in our life. We can't think of education without paper. Paper is a medium of communication. Paper is used for various purposes. Pen is also very important because It is used from that time when we start our education. Only literate person having pen. It is the device by which we can be able in writing our thoughts in a piece of paper. Pen gives success to paper. So, having pen and paper is necessary for successful life.

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    My pairing word: positive and negative.

    Having positive thoughts, a person growth in any field he chosen would be continued. Positive thoughts tight strong bonds between relatives. Sometimes, man will be punished due to negative thinking which causes an affray. Negative thoughts couldn't affront a man very often.

    Now, come to conversely, covid19 positive harms the society which afflicts the people in negative way. Here you see, positive gives negative impact on human health. But, inwardly, positive thoughts fights against this positive virus.

    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

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    Pros and cons are two important words that are frequently used for different field. Without knowing these two words you can't get satisfaction. Suppose if you go online shopping and want to buy items but you are completely unaware of that item then first you check the review for knowing the pros and cons of that item. Then you decide whether we should buy this product or not. So, these two words are not restricted up to buying products only. It is also used for different walks of life. Similarly, Before joining any course or institute, Many of us try to know the pros and cons of that course or institute. Then, we take a firm decision. Sometimes, people say only pros so that their business run nicely and try to keep secret its cons. But, cons are more important than pros. So, first cons and then pros should be described.

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    K N Charyulu and Dr Sanchita - Your entries are invalid. Please read the instructions, have a look at how other members have started and ended, and try again one more time.

    Today is the last date to submit entries.

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    Peace and quiet

    Peace and quiet in earlier days represented a way of living for everyone. Now, people crave peace and a little quiet time amidst noise and hustle-bustle. We influence the surroundings and similarly, surroundings have a significant influence on us. Thus, neither we are peaceful nor is the surrounding. These qualities of ours are not merely gone missing around us but even they are missing inside us. We have lost these most valuable qualities of the soul. On the other hand, we interpret modern-day noise as normal. Let us not look for them in the outside world. It is because they are present inside us but have taken a back seat. We need to bring them in the front row and utilize them more often so that they become a way of life. I guess everybody could appreciate in their lives a little quiet and peace.

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