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    Do people like a bootlicker ?

    One of my friend has interest in politics. He always runs after politicians. He is a big sycophant of politicians. One day I asked him its reason, he replied, "Every politician likes sycophants. They don't want to listen to "NO". What they say should be answered, "You are right, Sir". I notice him that he uses sweet words to please others also. I think it is not confined to politicians only. Everybody likes sycophants. People recognise a sycophant and know very well that his sweet words are merely for flattery, notwithstanding, they like to listen to sweet words. I have observed this is a natural tendency of everybody. If I say that it is a universal fact then it is not wrong. Being outspoken will take you in problems, no matter how smart or intelligent you are, your speaking truth is not bearable to anybody because the truth is always bitter, and nobody likes 'bitter'.
    My friend often says," If you want to succeed in your life - Be a flatterer. People will welcome you".
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    In fact talking pleasing with others or praising their work worthy, or saying sweet words for the achievments done is the good trait and why there should be a problem for everyone. But the word bootlicker used by the author is very objectionable because everyone wants to follow one person or the other in the life and if he approaches him for any reason, that cannot be bootlicker trait as described by the author. In Hindi we call it chamchagiri, that means praising in worthy of those who are good to him. Any why not by doing so his requests and demands are addressed and people like such people who says Jai to them.
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    I am in agreement with the author 100%. These are the days of yes masters. Politicians are always surrounded by their admirers only and they always want their followers to follow their instructions 100%. People who are interested in getting their works done will always say yes only to politicians.
    Not only politicians but also many bosses also wanted their people always to say yes to them. In the overall interest of the corporate, if any members try to put a piece of their mind, their boss will never like it. But they always promote people who will say yes to him. Such people who always say you are right sir will flourish in their jobs.

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    The author has made a good observation and it is true that people who praise others, whether other person deserves or not, are liked by them. Very few people can ignore the praises and ignore the person who is making it. People who do not do their work in time but do flattery of the higher ups or bosses survive in the organisation while the persons who simply work suffer.
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    Its hundred percent true that buttering and flattering can make way through any situation. Generally people never focuses on level of intelligence but they only looks for people who are saying yes to them and always treat you right. But this flattering can help in short term, and those who do flattering they can never improvised themselves and evm their performance deteriorates with time because they only focuses on this but never do hardwork. So always do hardwork.

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    I completely understand the author's point of view that everywhere we see people do use sycophancy and flattery to step up in social and economic ladders. And most of the time person being persuaded understands the whole thing but still lets the sycophant do his/her work because they use each other mutually and both understand the process but in reality, nobody likes a boot licker they just use the person to make sure that the person does all the work in the hope of praise or appraisal or whatever the reason he /she is doing such bootlicking.
    Similarly politicians and people in authority also just use bootlickers by luring them more and more towards what that person desire.

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    The author has highlighted the true aspect of human behaviour and it is absolutely correct that sycophants win the hearts of all with their oily tongues. This sort of behaviour would suit to anyone. These people understand the psychology of people. If you pinpoint the fault of others, you would be most vulnerable to criticism and inviting the animosity of others. On the other hand, oily tongued people can get respect for their well planned and selected words used while speaking. However one should not do excess so that you make a poor image before others - being referred to a sycophant. You can pinpoint the faults of the man concerned when he is alone and maintain a pleasant tone in the conversation.

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    @K.Mohan: Praising someone for his achievement or good performance or merely for encouragement or motivation differs in being a Yes Man or sycophant or flatterer.

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