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    Why don't people make the most of it after learning a lesson instead of losing their mojo?

    Many times we have seen that a person is so involved in some work that he does not enjoy anything other than that work.

    Regardless of the time, he does his work with complete sincerity, gradually he becomes quite skilled in that work as well.
    He loves his work very much, due to which he does not care about many small failures but instead stresses the hard work.

    Many times it happens that there is no great success which he had never imagined, due to which the enthusiasm of the person is removed from that work.

    At this time, he forgets his hard work, experience and love for work without knowing that this moment can be his eye-opener. After crossing this hurdle, he can kiss success. But it often happens that instead of taking this failure positively, they stop working on it as their failure and lose their mojo.

    What are your views and how to get back their mojo?
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    Many times people become so inspire towards any task or for any purpose that they also ignite the learning that they get from the surround which can make them more successful in the same task. I have seen some people around me during the preparation of government examinations, so I give examples of them mostly. Some children immerse themselves in studies so much that they do not see what is going on in the world around them and gradually their awareness decreases, while the children preparing for the exam have an awareness of the world, this Is also considered to be a very important element. A little awareness of oneself with the world is not far from studying. Similarly, a person who constantly submits himself to a task, if it does not get the desired success, then it is natural to feel frustrated, that's why dedication to your work is a good thing but at the same time be a little aware of the world and yourself.

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    Most of the people who are hesitate to do a work, get involved and become more expereinced as they keep on expereincing new moments, new lessons and thus over the period of time the expertise in them could be seen. And these are people by virtue of more near to their work feel that without them the work would suffer and down the line the other departments also gets affected. So these people would not avail leave, forgo all the family functions, no entertainments and no enjoyment. They earn the wrath of family members and staff that they are giving too much credence to the work. But on the other hand the company would be too happy to have such a employee. Again a company always wants a second in command to do work so that one should not have the monopoly over his own work. This is what happening in every company.
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    The journey of life is a difficult one and it is not the cup of tea of everyone to pursue it with the same vigour and force till the objectives are met. But there are the few laborious and hard working people who never disengage from the direction in which their objectives are present and keep struggling till they get the desired goals. It requires a lot of patience and sustained efforts if one is really interested in reaching and achieving certain targets in ones life by doing hard work. Sometimes the results obtained or mid point fruit are not commensurate with the hard work but there are so many factors which determine the results and thinking only about the results and not toiling hard would not serve the purpose. Leaving in between is a sign of disappointment and despair which is not a healthy sign and debar a person for making progress in life. There is no substitute of hard work and that is the only thing that can help us in mitigating the problems in our lives.
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    Failure should be seen as an opportunity to learn new aspects. That is why many people say failures are the stepping stones for success. But if these steps are increasing we will lose our interest. But a person who really has a desire for success will hold on to the same task and will see the end with flying colours. All depends on the interest of the individual and the strength of his desire. Some people casually attempt tasks and they are happy if they are successful and they leave the matter if it is a failure. People with such a mentality may not have a fixed goal in their lives.
    We all know about Thomas Alva Edison. He is the first person who thought that electricity can be used as a source of light and this only can compete with oil and gas for generating light. But he failed in his attempts many times. But he never gave up his research and finally, he was successful in inventing the electric bulb. It all depends on the patience and determination of the individual. Everyone should get lessons from persons like Edison and learn how to be successful.

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