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    Nature is cranky as well as loving teacher.

    Nature is like mother who plays several parts in one's life. It's everything as mightier than the mightiest, lovelier than the loveliest and crankier than the crankiest. Today I want to elucidate these qualities as a teacher. We all love to learn in the beautiful lap of nature and it too teaches us a lot. It's the most patient teacher as generally our teachers get fed up when we are doing repetitive mistakes but nature is not easily responding. I appreciate it's patience and even feels that this patience in more than patience of a mother. But sometimes when students do not understand with love teacher uses 'carrot and stick policy' similarly nature tends to be cranky and then we can not face it's harshness. We complaint to god but never understand that we are responsible for these harsh consequences. But when teacher scolds he loses his patience but at that time students have to maintain patience and that's all we have to do now.
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    Dev you have come up with a lovely post comparing the behavior of nature to that of teacher and mother. Never ever we given a thought that this earth is holding and carrying us all in its lap as a loving mother and if we go on doing wrong things and prove to be wrong doer for others, our burden increases and the mother nature has to drop some of us on the ground so that the burden is eased and that is called the vagaries of nature we experience now and then through Tsunami, floods, cyclone, and heavy rains. The nature has to make trial balance between the good and bad people and it wants to get rid of bad ones. In that process mass destruction possible and even mass toll of deaths. Its quite simple, if we love mother for her daily favor to us, she will keep us more happy and bonding would be more like a good teacher -student relation.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Your post is decent in the sense that you have compared the behaviour of nature with that of mother. No doubt the nature is liberal providing us pure air, lovely mountains, sea, rivers, jungles etc for the benefits of common men. However, negligence was made from our part that we could not appreciate the significance of all these attributes in our lives. For our benefits, jungles were destroyed, pure air was polluted with the exhausted gas of the vehicles, apartments were taken up for construction for our needs with the elimination of trees. If we count in that way, the list would appear exhaustive. After all tolerance has the limit even for the nature. The present phase of cyclone, tsunami and other calamities are the results of wrong doings. Nature is rather giving us warning to remain within limit so the calamities could be avoided.

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    I appreciate the author bringing a very nice message that given through his post. I truly believe that nature plays the role of a teacher in human life and we leant a lot from this teacher but for this, we just need to keep a keen observation. When we feel not as good as we feel always, mostly we like to visit such places that are closer to nature and we spend some time with nature we feel better because it helps us to remove all negative thoughts from our mind and give many opportunities to think positive. One of the most important thing that nature teaches us is that there is a purpose for everything in this world and in the same way our life is also a purpose for this world so we should understand and find out the main purpose of being a human. Nature does not want to take anything from us, it just knows how to give and this is what we should also learn from it.

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    Mother nature has given us everything from food to water. The human beings could evolve and survive on this planet because the nature was so cordial to us. It gave everything to us and indicated many things that we could learn and do ourselves. Humans saw fire elsewhere in nature like jungle fire or volcanos and tried to create it with frictions between wood pieces. We learned everything from nature and tried to understand it in its entirety and we are still in that pursuit to understand the nature more and more. The author has well compared the nature with a mother and traditionally humans believe it like that only. At the same time we must not forget the fury of the nature which brings devastation on a large scale and destroys everything which comes in its ways. It is imperative that we have to preserve nature and should not do anything that pollutes it and then it spews that poison back on us. The nature is kind only till we respect it and preserve it and keep it clean. It is definitely like a teacher who if gets angry will punish the students.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Nature is a vast trove of treasures, not only for man but for all living things. Nature has kept in her lap everything that everyone living here needs. For humans, animals, birds, reptiles, and small insects. But man, who claims to have a special intellect, by his greed seeks to possess what is alien and what is claimed by other beings in addition to what he needs, and to obstruct the sovereignty of others and to store up what all he gets.

    The greed of such people was at first a ploy to usurp the rights of other human beings. The next step was to move his hand into the trees, on which the animals used to wander and reside. The trees were cut down and taken away by him. Meanwhile, his eyes fell on the clear flowing rivers and small streams. With that, the small streams were wiped off the face of the earth, and even the great rivers became thin and narrow. In the same way, with his head held high, the huge trees that were flying the flag of victory fell one by one with his hands. As a result, the habitat of birds and animals was damaged. No- they have lost their self-sufficiency. In a word, the lives of other birds and animals were disrupted.

    If a man treats the beauties of nature in this way, how can nature forgive man? That is all that is happening now. First, nature gave the man some clues. Therefore, nature, realizing that man is not trying to learn anything, is gradually giving way to more serious disasters. Has man yet learned? Nature is not insane or nature did not become insane. It is only occasionally showing its cosmic form to teach a man.

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    True. Nature is having a lot of patience. It was proved time and again. A mother will tolerate the mistakes of her children. In the same way, nature will tolerate the mistakes of mankind even though they cause pain to her. Mother earth tolerates the pain more than the mother. But sometimes it can't tolerate and just warn mankind with small hits. We should understand but we will continue our misdeeds. Then comes a severe punishment.
    We should amend our ways. We should not abuse nature. We should be environment friendly. Our actions should support nature so that it will continue supporting mankind.

    always confident

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    I totally agree with the author in that point as nature is a loving teacher. Many of us worrying as they have no issues though got married years together. When we picking flowers from the plant, we can see in a stem there is two flowers, in one stem four flowers, in another only one flower and in some plants there is no flower at all though the plant is well grown. This just teach us not to worry if you have many children or no children as it is nature. There is no right to one to either kill the born child or try for child by other scientific way. By doing unnatural activities only we ought to face disasters.
    Similarly in a tree of hibiscus, we can see a small cutting mark in the stem near the flower to cut there as if marked in our packets having indicating mark to cut.

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    Nature has provided us everything and we enjoy all those things. But what have we done to nature? Have we given back it our thanks or exploited it further? Unfortunately we have only exploited it. It is time that we awaken up and return to the nature by doing environmentally friendly things like not cutting the jungles, maintaining the rivers, maintaining green belts, reducing pollution etc so that nature would also be kind to us.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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