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    No need to search elsewhere for God

    Those who insist on praying before and after every action have no idea that the action should be a meditation to God. Actions that sanctify the feet are more acceptable in front of God than the lips exercise that sanctify the words. Even the concept of God is negated by the misconception that only written verses and systematic rituals are the means to God's pleasure.

    God does not have to be looked at anywhere else. The essence of God is visible in the people and situations we interact with wherever we are. Ishwar is in the neighborhood, Ishwar is the neighbor. Virtues are not only vows but also good deeds that are done for the sake of those who do not want by anyone and for the marginalized, without notice by anyone.

    God appears not to those who are distancing away from the fellow beings, but to those who support strangers. How will God consider those who ignore the seekers for refuge?
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    We have born in this world as the facilitator or helping person to those the God would give us the command to help those through us in one way or the other. What I have been experienced in life so far that when we meet a new person, either we are going to be benefited or going to make some loss. That means the God has trial balance and balance sheet of every persons good and bad deeds and accordingly he would order sermons to those to us in sense to have tow on over board. Take example of this corona time. Those who have enjoyed their life and not cared others in the past are punished with hefty bills of hospitalization and yet not cured and has to accept the eventual death. And for those who are the hard workers in daily life and never seen enjoyment and good life so far has been seen without disease and that is the take of the GOD.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We have all heard that God is everywhere, God is everywhere, within every person, in everything, in every living thing, but is it so easy to accept this truth as easy as it is to speak it. If we also believe that there is God in every person, then will we be able to make every person worthy of worship, maybe not. When we are living the life of man then our feelings become our biggest asset and when someone wants to hurt those feelings, then we will not see God in that person, maybe we will give more importance to our feelings. Even at times, the unhappy person quarrels with God like a human. If there is God in everyone, then there is God in us, then which God is happy and annoyed, the big question is. In this case, humanity should be kept high, unless we do any work to make a person miserable, then every action will be worship.

    So we can say that don't search God everywhere but search it In your own deeds.

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    Generally the people get the concept of the God during their up bringing and whatever they are told that becomes a guiding factor for them during their lives. They become rigidly attached to that doctrine and if someone talks against that they become enemy to him in no time. This is the reason of many confrontations, fights, wars, and conflicts in this world. History is all witness to it. At the same time the concept of God is so powerful that if one attaches oneself to it wholeheartedly without any selfish motives then it is a great thing to achieve calm and peace in ones life. That is called the real use of the divine power in ones life and then he becomes a source of help and illumination to the fellow beings.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is always said that hate the sin not the sinner, but what the need for that?
    Because god is present everywhere, in every human being and no one is born thief it means only due to some circumstances or some wrong doings provokes devil inside thag person and starts preceding good human and good god. We are not worshipping but we are worshipping nature's might which is unknown to us it can't be seen. There exists no religion of god, but there exists social boyndaries dividing god, so god is something natural which is present everywhere as environment surrounds us, protects us and those who protect us we praise them similar thing is with god.

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    The existence of the god is a mater of believeness . If you believe that there is god ,then in every place you can imagine that god is present. As in every object in the society there is god, hence you can act accordingly with all of these. In Hindu mythology we believe the existence of god the super power and all are monitoring by him. Swami Vivekananda has describe that you should not need to go anywhere to pray the god, if you love and look after the needy people, animal etc in the society then it will be appraising the god and find him in between them. Hence there is no need to search elsewhere the God is correctly expressed by the author. We always should try to serve for all the surroundings in the society to serve the God itself.
    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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    Many spiritual scholars told that the God in inside us and do not search in outside. For this we have to try to search God in us by the way prescribed. The way can be gained through a real spiritual Guru/Teacher. The Guru or Teacher should possess the real capacity of a Guru. I heard a spiritual teaching through a Spiritual Scholar and narrate here what I heard:
    The churches, mosques, temples and Gurudhwaras are made for people to avail peace when they feel bad through their destiny or Karma. In normal days we go to theaters or sit before televisions or hearing music when we pressurized by worries or problems to seek peace. In those days there was no such entertainment so then Kings constructed temples, churches, mosques etc., for getting peace in such people. One can question whether going to temples/churches/mosques/Gurudhwaras are necessary when everybody says God is in us. For this simple explanation is it is equal to have a fan though we entire people knows well that air is in the universe widespread.
    All religions are insisting the love towards our co persons by believing that the God is in him/her as well inside of us.

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    The concept of Adayaitha says that there is no separate God. Atma and parmatama are the same. By saying this one can't do whatever they want. To attain that stage a lot of efforts and work is required. Once we attain that stage we will understand and start seeing God in everyone.
    Some people dedicate themselves to the work they do and they feel work is worship. Such people see God in their work. They feel doing work is worshipping God.
    One saint is very much eager to see God and get Moksha. He started doing prayers asking God for Moksha. He continued his prayers. Finally oneday God appeared before him and asked him to go and see a butcher who lives by selling meat. This saint was astonished and thought how a butcher can teach him. But with the half mind, he went and met him. The butcher asked him what is the purpose of his coming there. The saint narrated the whole story. The butcher told him that he never asked anything from God. I do my duty and take care of my old parents. My priority is to take care of my old parents. Then doing my duty sincerely without deceiving anybody. If any person comes for help, I will help them to my maximum extent. This story tells us what are the good ways of living

    always confident

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    Once Lord Krishna wants to tame Arjuna for his over confidence as Krishna being always his side and nothing would bother him. As they were walking , few flowers fell on the feet of the God. and Arjun asked who was that devotee who offered very less flowers to you. Then after few minutes, whole lots of flowers came on pouring into the feet of Lord Krishna, then Arjun asked who was this. Since Lord want to tame him he said, the devotee who offered more flowers was none other than Bheem as he goes to garden and say may all flowers be adorned by Krishna and those few flowers were from you as you offered little for me. So here God is seen omni present by Bheem.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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