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    The distance between two fixed points will never change and always scalar in its direction!

    The title of the thread may not look new and the simple logic is the very basic principle in the elements of Geometry for a beginner in schools. But the essence of the various formulae we learnt from Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry will have an impact in our life lessons too. Unfortunately, many of us happen to learn it from the younger generation as we tend to lose our cool or lack of will to display maturity in our Social behaviour.

    The famous Newton's third law of Motion - "Whenever one object exerts a force on a second object, the second object exerts an equal and opposite force on the first." which explains the relationship between a physical object and the forces acting upon it. In simple words, every action will have an equal opposite reaction!

    Let us take Chemistry where the role of Chemical reactions are vital. Here too a typical word - 'catalyst' changes the dynamics of a Chemical reaction without losing its original form. When two or more Organics are participating to form a new mixture, a Catalyst is used to accelerate the Chemical reaction without getting changed it original form after the process is over. That means the best way is to be neutral always and help out in settling the scores among the parties involved.

    Finally, our thread tile refers to a distance between two points A and B. It would always be the same from A or even measured from B. Either A or B are not great. In Public forums or in our close relations, we often forget this and throw words against people dragging them into controversies. Nothing will happen to the other end but it exposes our nature and drag ourselves into unwarranted controversies. Isn't it?
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    Our behaviour, communication , or approach to others should be rational and cordial if we want to preserve that minimum distance doctrine. Starting from the geometrical and other scientific principles, the author has weaved the post very nicely to make the conclusion that unnecessary things should not be spoken and unwanted things should not be told in a relationship whether it is a friendship of social meeting or a conversation with a relative. In the surge of sentiments and flow of erupting egos we often do the mistake of being aggressive and tell those things which has no relevance and reference and then what we suffer is either the break up in the relationship or the distance between increases.
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    The author has beautifully linked school-level knowledge with human life through a thread, which is commendable. When we were studying, we might not be able to think of it this way, but slowly the experiences that come in life make us learn new, then when we think about these old learnings, and then we find that we already knew it was very long ago. Learning never goes in vain, but if our energy, our time, etc. is not used in the right place, then it will go in vain. Only after understanding the calculations and principles of various aspects of life, should one put their energy in the right place.

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    The author has well connected the maths and physics with that of life behavior and that is really informative. The problem is that we we pick up arguement we do not see the people position and their stature in the society. The anger within us would stop thinking about anything else and our aim to blame others. This case can be well explained through the street scene at the water tap. In Chennai when the colony water tap opens we can see arguments, wrist fight and even abuses beyond imagination and all these takes places with the people who are in good stature , good position fighting for pot of water. The thing is that we loose the anger in public and wants to put forth our thought process to others which they would not agree. Normally people would not go for quarrel but when it comes to their prestige, they do not mind abusing others in full.
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    When there is a quarrel between two people, a third person will intervene and see that these two people will get separated as early as possible. They see that personally they will not lose their identity but the other two parties will get separated. These are the people like catalysts in chemical reactions.
    I have also seen some people who wanted somebody to help him always. But he never helps the other person at any time. How it is possible. They feel their house is near to the other person. But the other person's house is far from him. This is not logical like mathematics. wherefrom you measure the distance between two lines is the same. When you help somebody only the other person will help you. I know many people who ask you to bring something when you are going to their house and they expect us to give something to them when they come to our house. That way they want to get benefitted in all the ways.
    The author presented an excellent thread comparing the facts of life with mathematics, physics and chemistry.

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    The author has rightly said that the distance between two fixed points never changes and what is fixed is also not variable.

    In such a situation, it is a distant thing to have a solution and discussion, but it is very difficult to assume the direction of the discussion. It is exactly like hitting the head on the wall where the wall does not move but the person himself gets caught and falls.

    In this case, rather than act as a catalyst, the equations on both sides must be balanced.


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