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    Who is the real culprit?

    Nowadays, we see that many criminals are caught for drug trafficking, murders, rapes, child trafficking, and other such offences and when the investigating authorities go deeper they sometimes find connections of these criminals to some influential people in the society and then the job of investigating officers become very tough as these powerful people, some of whom might be in higher positions also, could punish the investigators by evil and wrong means and that fear will always be in the minds of the investigating authorities and many times they would be reluctant to dig out the whole group, gang, or mafia behind these crimes. This is definitely a matter of concern for the common people and requires resolution otherwise these crimes would go on happening in the society. What do you feel about this? Have you ever thought in this direction?
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    All crimes that harm the public should be caught and punished regardless of the size of the person who committed them. But those in charge of it stand idly by as spectators with their hands tied for financial gain or promotion. The guilt is tied to any ordinary person or below who they point to end the case. And it will almost certainly be innocent. These financially backward people are unable to move forward with the case. So the lawsuit ends just as the officials fabricated and thought it.

    The right high-profile culprits will not be punished as long as the corrupt investigating officers exist. Such scams must be wiped out by higher and honest officials who enforce the law as it seeks or by the government itself.
    Only then the original high-profile culprits are punished and the innocent, or the perpetrators who join as the last link in these vast links for subsistence are released without punishment.

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    It is the fact that wrong doers are around us and they do the crime again and again because the loopholes in the law and the high connections in the society would make them survive in this world with all comforts. First of all the bail should not be granted to all and the judge should go into the details of the case and reserve the bail if that need to be granted. Suppose police arrest the habitual chain snatcher and produce him before the court. The court remands him for the period of 14 days as normal procedure. Meanwhile every police station is attached with criminal lawyers who are tipped to handle the case. The lawyer meets the culprit and brings out bail application stunning even the judge. Thus bail granted within two days. The culprit would be asked to sign daily at PS so that he is under vigil of Police. And the case keeps on prolonging for years.
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    In a movie we see actors performing on the screen. But there are many technicians who are working behind the screen and there is a director who is directing everybody. But we will see the actors only. The same is the case in these crimes also. The actual persons who are making the plan and directing the criminals are not visible. The people who are hired for executing their plan will be visible. The off the screen persons will see that these on the screen persons will be left out easily so that they can use them in their next project. The investigating officers and other people involved in fact-finding will be acting the tunes of the person who is behind the entire episode.
    That is why in India the criminals will be roaming on the roads without any fear.
    The people on the screen and off the screen should be punished severely and action should be taken as immediately as possible after the incident happens.

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    These criminals are doing their work from a long time and they know that even if they are caught some of them will get free after the long court proceedings and some of them will be saved by their Godfathers for whom they are working. The Govt agencies are also helpless in getting them booked. This is really an unfortunate thing in our system that we are not able to punish these evil elements.
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