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    Stalin asks President to free Rajiv convicts, is that possible ?

    We all know that the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was killed at Sreeperambadur in TN through the well planned murder sketch and the convicts are still under the jail term. Having won the election , it seems Stalin wants to show his fight for championships of Tamils affected in the convict and requested President to pardon them. No doubt even Sonia Gandhi once said she do not mind freeing them. But Tamil Nadu Congress Committee was against this asking by Stalin. So he his picking face off from the start of his stint as the CM.
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    There have been umpteen number of cases where the criminals depending upon their severity of crime and good behaviour in jail, were released before their term ended and the present case is no exception. If the case is considered sympathetically then the convicts can be released at an appropriate time. In our constitution and law there are many such facilities which favour the convicts to quite some extent but these things take time and if Mr Stalin has requested for it officially as per the procedure then the convicts may get released once the case is approved by the Govt which usually takes a few years time. President office is generally the last place to approve it and many death sentenced culprits also plead for their lives in that office when they get hanging orders from the Supreme Court.
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    But that was the gruesome murder of former PM Rajiv Gandhi and the whole world shocked. So why pardon ?
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    I feel this is not in the right direction. A young person who was in a high position should be killed by these people. How somebody can accept that. Small mistakes can be pardoned. But not this type of people. This will send wrong signals to the people. In India, this has become a common practice to so sympathy the people who were given punishment by the courts. If we want to bring peace to society the punishment system should be very severe and quick. Then only we can stop anti-national activities.
    A thief can be pardoned but not a killer. Some people because of their hunger or other problems may be going for thefts. But the people who kill people will be very rich. To see that their vested interests are fulfilled they will be doing these murders. They are terrorists only. We should not show any sympathy towards such people. I feel that the President may not accept the proposal made by the CM of Tamilnadu.

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    It is not right for a party to interfere in judiciary. A thorough investigation was done and the convicts were punished. A convict should be punished, and they should complete their full term of punishment and should be dealt as per the jail orders. I do not think our president will yield to the request of CM of a state. A CM should not try to gain popularity by showing mercy to the convicts.
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    Sonia Gandhi and her children Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra have pardoned the killers and have suggested that they do not have any objection to the assassins being set free. The AIADMK government has already made a recommendation to the Governor for the release of the persons convicted of killing Rajiv Gandhi. This is nothing new. Now, it is up to the Governor to recommend the release of the convicts.
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