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    Is it necessary to have a plan B while considering a career

    With so many career options to choose from, it definitely becomes a hassle for the students to pick one. I remember struggling to choose the subject I should pursue from my list of favourites. But now with such cutthroat competition, I feel it must be so hard for these kids to choose a career option that would definitely be a success, not only from the career prospect but also whether it would actually be a good option for the student?

    Recently, I saw a web series depicting the struggle of a UPSC aspirant, where the person admits to not having a plan B and declares that plan B are for losers who are not passionate about their single goal. But after achieving his goal, he also realizes that plan B is not for losers only but is just to maintain a balance for one's future.

    I sometimes actually feel perplexed as to what should be the perfect strategy to overcome your future fears? Does plan B actually make a difference in your way of thinking? Or does that act as a pillow in case you fall? Is it possible that plan B can surpass one's dedication for plan A, as they would always have an option to lean on, sometimes even without trying?

    Also, I feel the students, who still haven't been able to decide on a Plan B, are losing somewhere from those already having other plans on their list. Or is it that they are confident enough to have a single plan and a zeal to achieve it?

    Please share your views as to whether plan B is really worth it?
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    What I feel that even though we are confident, performer, go getter and acheiver, that does not mean we get the satisfaction of what we are expecting. Some times the confidence would have been to a particular task and not for the subject, sometimes the confidence as the performer would be for a while and not always and the go getter attitude may not be all time presence. Therefore the achiever in us have the imbalance approach to every task to which we may pass or fail with difference. That is the reason being so we must have plab B as the cushion supportive to our moves in future. Not that by having plan b ready we are going to undermine our own present performance, but in the event of strict competition when every opposite person is poised to win against our every move, our plan b would be soothing and encouraging for sure.
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    We are in a competitive world and everywhere there is a cut throat competition. In this situation there is no guarantee that one will be selected in ones first choice. So in such a situation it makes sense to have plan B or even plan C. We are going through a very tough phase of our lives and there is no job available for people whether they are highly qualified or less qualified. Today the high school or higher secondary or even graduate students are doing small jobs in the provision stores and other places for a petty salary of Rs 8000 to 10000 per month and that is also not available so easily. Part time jobs are also not available and in this situation we must search for all options if we want to earn a livelihood.
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    I always advocate for people to have plan B also for every task. Sometimes because of many reasons, our plan may fail. Then we should not start running here and there. If we have Plan B ready with us we can switch over to our plan B. This is true not only for students for all other people also.
    These days we have fewer chances and more people waiting for a chance. So we may not be able to progress as per our plan A. In such conditions, our Plan B will come in handy. Many successful people will have the habit of having alternative options ready for their success.

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    It is good to have a plan B, plan C or anything else if you are well clarified with your tasks. It's all about priority, we must maintain a goal which we have to achieve and should not compromise with it but also should keep some cushion goals, that if we can not succeed in plan A then we can move to some others. A proper management and proper planning can be helpful to be out of such typical confusion.

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    The web series "Aspirants" mentioned by the author in his thread really gives a lesson to all those who have accepted UPSC selection as their whole world. The author's suggestion is correct, we should always carry Plan B along. It is not that if you have made a backup plan, then the chances of failure of your primary plan increases. Our hard work is not only according to the plans, but the hard work keeps us moving forward and strengthening the path and efforts of our goals. After all, creating a plan B and prepare yourself for every change, is a sign of a mature and sensible person.

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