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    Should we promote people trying to learn English?

    Here in India study channel, I came across the rules and regulations, stating grammar and punctuation to be correct, as well as have seen posts been deleted stating improper or wrong grammar. Do you feel its high time we should actually promote people trying to learn English?

    Lately in India, the language English has become a measure of intelligence, with so many spoken English institutes, and coaching centers, teaching English to so many people, including even people of older ages, it actually fascinates me to believe that so many people actually are in need to learn it. People feel themselves less confident if they don't know English.
    I have even seen people degrading and making a mockery of people speaking wrong English. At the same time I have seen people helping others and correcting their English in absolutely gentle way. Visiting malls and cafes, is still a big dare to several people, because there, they would have to communicate in English, I have even heard people praising the other person's confidence just by their way of speaking English fluently. Even seen parents choose Private schools over Government one's just because private school's would groom the English of their kid better.

    Just not denying that learning new languages is always beneficial and English in itself has made such impact in Indians. But with English lately transforming into ,a must in almost all sectors of life, do you feel there should be a platform where the people can try to write English as well as learn from others correcting their mistakes? Is English actually a measure of confidence and intelligence?
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    English is the easy language of the world and one should have the niche and interest to learn the same and once started it will become easy and get going. What I have seen that people feel shy to talk and write this language as they would be talked less in the society. But a beginner has to start and get going otherwise how they would learn. I always supported those who started learning in a small way. I would ask them to talk and write the sentences in simplest way. And more beauty of this language that we can convey our feelings and wish in many ways and not necessarily through the set pattern. So we must make the learning person more comfortable, no matter he makes mistakes while learning and that is where the improvement can be seen. School children often talk to me in broken English and I would correct them, that is one way of our bonding.
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    English was never our language as in India we spoke so many native languages before Britishers conquered us and ruled in this country for a long time. Before that in the Northern provinces we had Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and some other mixed languages influenced by Middle East countries because they came to India, invaded us and initially went back but subsequently ruled us for a long time before Britishers took control of our county. In the Southern part as invading Mughals could not reach, the original dravidian languages remained intact and did not change much due to the effect of invading external communities.

    So, Britishers left India in 1947 but left English as the gift to us which many of us liked much because of the reasons that by that time it was a language universally accepted in the world. For that also the reason was same that Britishers ruled so many countries and when they left them, English remained there with so many people that there was no question of its decreasing in use and popularity. So, today if we are using English it is not because we were ruled by the Britishers and it is a sign of slavery but because it is a global language known by so many across the world and there is no substitute or replacement for it. So it makes sense to learn it but at the same time to show off ones good English and mock off others is in a bad taste and better to refrain from such complexes.

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    Learning a new language is not bad. But sometimes when people takes english as a status symbol and mocks at others for not knowing it then its the worst thing to do. Everyone has his own capabilities to learn it's very good to try even if you are wrong but dur to wrong trials made by some people other started sneering which demotivates the learners to learn and they quit practicing it. Hence those who are mocking jokes are demotivating others leaving a section of society without learning this precious language.

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    Multilinguistic skills are very good for any individual. So one can learn as many languages as he likes. But the place of English is special. It is the universal language and if we know that language we can go and manage in many places in the world. These days in schools, much importance is not being given to the grammar part of English. During our school days in language papers, if there are any spelling mistakes, the teachers used to deduct some marks for that. For one spelling mistake, they used to deduct 0.5 marks. But I understand that special mistakes are not counted and the subject is correct full marks will be awarded even in language papers also. So our regular
    But these days there are specially designed courses for English language grammar which are good. If people who are having interest can do those certificate courses so that they will get good skills in this language.

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    We can not deny that the English language is one of the most important languages to known. There was a time when parents not too much aware of the importance of English and that is why prefer to send their children to any medium of schools but now parents also understand the value of English and they prefer those schools that provide a better environment with good communication skills. As we know that English is not too though to learn as other languages so I believe we should learn it as an additional language that is associated with our local language. There are many more ways to learn English so one can choose any one of them and start learning it.

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