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    Door to door vaccination is the best solution to cover all

    Though India has embarked upon the biggest exercise of vaccinating the population in a staggered and systematic way age wise, but the infections are on the rise across the country and thus vaccinated person with first shots are also in the positive test. Why not the govt plan colony wise vaccination taking the help of colony President and organize door to door service so that every thing would be systematic, recorded and above all every age person would be covered. And the Collector should program the dates colony wise. Any takers for this suggestion ?
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    This idea has already been suggested to Modiji by the Chief Ministers of Delhi and Maharashtra. The idea is good but where are the sufficient number of vaccines? Our country has to wait for some more time to increase vaccine production. Procurement of vaccines developed in other countries also essential to escape the third wave. It all depends upon how the government takes quick actions.
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    The idea suggested by the author would fit in our situation but then it calls for the buffer stock to be made prior to initiation of the vaccine programme. We have seen that some of the people having taken the first dose in the third week of March are still waiting for the second dose of vaccination since the time of the second dose was differed twice due to revision of its schedule. Initially the second dose was to be vaccinated after 28 days and later it was revised to 42 days and finally it has been fixed after three months. It could be attributable to shortage of the vaccination and this was not ensured prior to taking up the programme. Hope this situation will improve with the better planning in the time ahead.

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    This would be possible only when sufficient number of vaccines are available in the country and the demand is not very large as compared to the supply. I do not see any such possibility before 5-6 months time when so many vaccines from so many sources are expected to reach the vaccine centres. Anyway, there is another issue of staff and if Govt is able to engage the final year completed students of MBBS for this task alongwith the experienced staff then only this type of door to door service can be expected. Let us hope that this comes true in near future so that many of the seniors who are fearful in going out will be benefited by this.
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    This idea is already discussed on the center level but considering the current situation, it does not seem that the vaccination program can be done door-to-door at the moment. On the one hand, a large group who fall in the age group of 18 plus are not getting the first dose of vaccine and on the other hand the 45 plus age group is worried about the registration of their second dose. In such a situation, it would not be very appropriate to hand over the vaccine in private hands, the wave of corruption is also to the extent that people will fill their pockets first through vaccination as well.

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    If the above suggestion goes , everyone including children would be covered and that would be completing an area.
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    In earlier days vaccination was done in that way only. The health workers used to come to each house and give them the vaccine. Those days there is no production in India and we were purchasing them from other countries. At the same time, there is no urgency that all should be given the vaccine immediately. As mentioned by the author going door to door is a good idea.
    In Andhra Pradesh, a doctor with his team is coming to a colony and sitting somewhere and calling those colony members there and giving them the vaccine. Based on the availability of the number of shots they are selecting the colony or village. In Telangana, KCR proposed this system but not implemented so far may be due to the non-availability of stock. However, once the stocks improve they may start the same system. Sputnik is also going to be distributed by this month-end. The governments are also trying to get more shots so that they can complete vaccination in their state.

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