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    Is mobile phones making humans more lazy?

    At present, the development of technology has taken place to such an extent that no person finds any task impossible or difficult as it seems that the technical solution is there to solve the problem. This is a good signal of the progress of the country and human beings, but some people have made themselves so dependent on technology that their body also now orders them to demand of use of technology, and the body does not want to let itself be disturbed. Many times we see small examples, such as if earlier we had some work at a nearby house, then the children had to be sent and the children used to do everything immediately, but now mobile is used at first place Immediately, we also ask the neighbors for something on the call. The extent is reached when people start using mobile even inside the same house. This is a very common example that we can all find around us, is technology really taking us to relatively more laziness, and can we control it ourselves? What are your thoughts on this topic?
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    Mobile telephony today has brought a paradigm shift in our lives in various spheres and there are many changes that we can easily observe today. People are spending a lot of time in social media, online games, online fun, online chatting, and things like that. Due to this there is always a shortage of time in hand to do the important works. It is said that young people are addicted to the mobiles much but I find that elders are equally infatuated. The attraction of activities in the mobile is so great that many people are not able to concentrate in their studies, carer, and family matters. So, in fact it is not exactly the laziness but shortage of time because of this unnecessary indulgence in our lives. The reluctance of people in attending the current tasks and not being punctual to reach a place in time and many other consequences are very common in the life today and may appear as if someone is knowingly shirking from the responsibilities in real life as most of the time is being wasted in virtual life. The challenge today is as how to limit this time to minimum so that other jobs are not affected.
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    Surely mobile has become the hindrance and at the same time our all day companion through which we are getting done our work smoothly. First advantage is that we can fetch any thing to the home by making online payment and thus we are safe at the house. The disadvantage is that we are getting more addicted as we are going on digging for new apps and new information thereby spending more time than required. We are not giving time to our children and they got bored for our being busy with the phone. Using the mobile sparingly is good and required also, but not always hooked with the ear phones and that has become a fashion among the youth. Youths have minimum two mobiles with them and spend at least 18 hours on the same and imagine when they will sleep and when they will attend to other works. Too much addiction too much laziness.
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    Mobile phones are making human beings stationary. Earlier people used to move from place to place. Now there is no necessity for a man to move anywhere. Ours is a duplex house. Some will be upstairs. Some will be on the ground floor. We thought of having intercome but as all of us are having mobile phones with unlimited calls free we have not gone for it. That is how people are becoming getting addicted to mobiles and becoming lazy.
    But these phones are becoming necessary in these days of the pandemic. If these phones are not available we can't contact many of our relatives and friends. Even though we are not meeting them personally we can know their well being with these phones.
    Technology is giving us many facilities to make our lives easy. But we should understand the shortcomings and use them for our benefit. That depends on the wisdom of the individual. One should know where to start and where to stop.

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    But I have met some senior citizens who are averse to the cell phone carrying and coversation over that. They feel the personal feel of having met a person and had the conversation will not be found on cell phone talking. Those old timer citizens does not want to be disturbed at wee hours or the late hours. They infact scold those who keep on talking over the phone for many minutes. Some of my relatives are not having the cell phone but they do have contacts with others as any one would oblige them to talk and say about their where abouts. Cell is not to the asking of old generation.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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