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    Cyclones in Summer- this time east coast to be affected, then Monsoon ?

    Surely the nature is playing with lives of Indian people as few days back we witnessed the worst cyclone that affected Kerala, Karnataka and ultimately huge distruction in Gujarat and it also took the toll of oil rigging on shore platform employees. Now there is a threat for the east coast as the severe cyclone is going to hit Bengal any time from now. We have never seen cyclones happening during the peak summer and is that mean Monsoon which are about to be started by end of this month in Kerala would be postponed ? Nature is really playing with our lives.
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    Nature is playing with us. Why? We are responsible for all these problems? The greedy human beings are spoiling nature. Many problems are being created by human beings to nature. But nature is having a lot of patience and tolerating our misdeeds. But there will be a breaking point for this. I think we came very near to the breaking point. Nature will find ways and means to reduce the strength of human beings on this earth so that it can get back its past glory back.
    Lord Krishna Warned Duryodhana to see that Dharmaraj is a very soft person with a lot of patience. But if we provoke too much and make him get angry nobody can stop him and all Kauravas will die. But Duryodhana ignored. Now nature is giving warnings to us. We should understand those warnings and mend our ways to protect nature. Otherwise, the end is very near. Save nature and be safe on the earth should be the theme for the coming days for the human beings living on earth.

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    Cyclones due to oceanic depressions are witnessed in the Bay of Bengal in the summer season since the last 2-3 years in continuity. Fani in 2019. Amphan in 2020 and Yaas in 2021. However, our NDRF team have always braved all these very organizingly and have rescued us from such situation.

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    During this summer, unexpected rain with wind is pouring in my village for the last one week. My village is located just 8 kilometers from the sea. I witnessed the same type of weather in the year 1992, and now witnessing after about 30 years. Though summer, the climate is cool like winter. Mother nature is not steady. Seasons are out of control. This is a testing period for human beings, especially Indians with Pandemic - cyclone - rain - flood.

    It is said that things would be normal by September 2021. Let us watch.

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    Yass cyclone is active in the Eastern areas of our country and yesterday in West Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand about 12 lakh people were evacuated to safer places. The cyclone speed was estimated at 140-150 kmph and while passing through the land it could go down and may be less destructive. Of course that depends on many other factors also. Rescue operations are going on and actual damage will be known by tomorrow. As people had been evacuated in time, the casualties are expected to be less. Let us hope for the minimum damage.
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    Are there any ISCians in the affected places? How was the situation?
    Under the influence of the cyclone even we in Kerala are experiencing continuous rains for the past two days. Sometimes the rains were very heavy too.
    The one change I notice now a days is that the quantity of water in the rain drops is much more than it used to be. That is why even when it rains for short time, there occurs waterlogging and the ambience becomes so cool, humid-wet and eerie. The rains are accompanied by winds and lightning and thunder. I am seeing the nature of clouds also quite different from earlier days. I am afraid, the Himalayan type sudden-change -weather climate is happening in south also.

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