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    Why higher percentage of unemployed engineers in India?

    In recent years, more than 70% of engineering graduates are unemployed and the percentage goes higher in certain fields of engineering. Those are the days, before the final year examinations, pupils received conditional employment offer letters. Now, the graduates have to wait for years together even to get a job below their qualification level. I analysed a lot about this unemployment of engineering graduates not only in India and in several countries since 2010. My reasoning would be:
    1) Supply-demand mismatch: In India the outgoing engineering graduates is more than the requirement. If you compare in terms of percentage, the outgoing is 300% and the employability is only 100%. That means, in simple business terms, the supply is more than the demand! Because of this situation, even the employed graduates are not employed and paid according to their level of education. In some countries, engineering graduates are employed before the next engineering admissions. In those countries, the engineering students' admissions go down in recent years. Under such circumstances, based on the percentage of past year employment, the admission intake has been reduced to match the supply against demand.
    2) More generic skill requirement: In India, employers are requesting abilities from engineering graduates which are outside the branch of knowledge of study. Without a doubt, a few employers have set less significance on graduates' real certificate discipline for the more conventional abilities which they have gained.
    3) Achievements: Employers by and large see an engineering graduate's accomplishments identified with the subject relevance as important however not adequate for them to be enlisted. Accomplishments other than studies, for example, internship, work insight, volunteering, sports, and club & societal activities are viewed as having equivalent significance in this setting as the information and experience gained through scholastic examination.
    With regards to higher education, employability is viewed as more than just 'finding a new line of work', as it suggests 'a bunch of accomplishment - abilities, understandings and individual ascribes - that makes graduates bound to acquire employment and be effective in their picked occupations, which benefits themselves, the labour force, the society and the economy'.
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    A good thread from the author giving the reasons for the increase in unemployment for engineering graduates. Supply and demand is the main reason. More Engineers than required. So many people are not able to get jobs. So Engineers with good skills and proper subject knowledge are getting jobs and the others are not able to compete with them.
    Another issue is subject knowledge. Many of these engineers are getting degrees but they are not able to get the minimum subject knowledge. I have personally interviewed for the vacancies in my organisations. 90% of the engineers are not having the basic knowledge also. The basics which we learn in our high school and junior college also not known to them. No organisation will absorb such people.
    Many engineers are getting jobs in IT companies. The work wants they are doing required no engineering skills. Hence the managements started recruiting B.Scs for the same jobs by paying less salary as a move for their cost-cutting. Infosys, TCS, Mahindra Tech and some other companies recruited science graduates and they are continuing the same policy.

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    Thank you Dr. Rao, your points are also significant.

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    Good thread initiated by the author and I would like to give my own reasoning. In any family the parents always feel that the boy or girl must be a Engineer in future and advise them to that process. So the demand for Engineering has set in since two decades and that is continuing. On seeing such a demand, the state governments have accorded whole lots of Engineering college permissions in the past and most of them were controlled by the ruling party leaders. Thus more mushrooming of colleges resulted in more seats, less takers becuase there is dearth for jobs after the Engineering was over. On seeing this we have decided our son to go for the Chemical engineering which is the core subject and he took the education at famed college and today he employed with a Foriegn company collaboration based at Nashik and of course he is the junior Chemical engineer but even in this lock down he was paid salary and no issues.
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    The present situation of crisis for the poor absorption for engineers are manifold and If we go deeply, we can pinpoint the real cause of the unemployment for the aspirants persuading for the engineering stream. Some of the startling facts are noted below-
    1) There has been more engineering colleges than required resulting in less absorption of the passed out aspirants. It is attributable to the fact the politicians have started their own engineering colleges for earning substantial profits from such colleges where as in the earlier times, it was strictly regulated by the government.
    2) Industries have not been expanded due to slow demand of the products and hence no chance for the fresh engineers.
    3) There is lack of potential candidates in the engineering stream lacking patience and intelligence. They have chosen this stream due to parental forces.
    4) Basics of the chosen stream are not clear to them and hence they would lack the leadership quality.
    5) The present situation being pandemic phase, the industries are under the extreme pressure to cut down the production due to lesser demands. Even the employees on roll are being shown to doors.

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    Among the Engineering fields, Chemical Engineering is one that has limited number of admission profile. What I mean, the sanctioning capacity per institution may be 60 and it can be added for another 30 and so on. They are not increasing the seats exponentially as other branches. Moreover, their curriculum is very specific and they have really effective internship before leaving. Besides, the academic are relevant to the field and mostly they are from industrial backgrounds. Since i's a specific field, the laboratory facilities are unique and safely measures are effective.

    In oil rich countries, the course is very popular and a demanded one. As an accreditation committee member, I have seen the institutional facilities, their way of coaching and industry-institution partnership are highly encouraging. Mostly the there is supply and demand management.

    As Sri. Mohan said, Chemical Engineering is good field of study and remunerative.

    In my opinion - the yield depends on the seed, field and the method of cultivation!

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    The author can visit our ask experts section and give his advise and guidance to scores of threads awaiting a good and proper response on many matters and surely he can address.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Since I am associated with this forum a couple of days before, I am seeing section by section to contribute for the benefit of our society. Thank you Sri. Mohan for the guidance. My constraint is free timing to serve.

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    After the implementation of the LPG formula, the engineering college started to be built and the entrance examination also became very easy. Along with this, many big companies also started bringing their branches in the country. During the beginning, the demand of the engineer and the ratio of students remained balanced, but after some time, the engineers passed out continuously but vacancy did not come out that much. The present situation is that there are only a few selected colleges from where the students can be selected through the campus. Along with this, now MCA students are also more demanding.

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