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    CBSE Class X11- Are you for cancel or exams for main subjects ?

    For the past few days the students have taken to the social media Twitter and expressing their demand to cancel the CBSE X11 board exam for this year but the board is thinking of holding exams for the main subjects and thus discontent among the students is brewing up and they are increasingly expressing their demand for no exam. What is your view on this matter. CBSE is the national curruculam and every state students are involved and in some states the virus is not that spreading and they are ready to hold exams. Are you for cancel of entire exams or should the main subjects be conducted ?
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    I feel all over India there should be a single policy. Some states are conducting 10th examinations and some states are cancelling and promoting all the students. This is making a difference among the students.
    In the present situation, I feel making one year as no education year and asking the students to remain home and study last year subjects. Last year also no examinations were conducted. This year also same is the case. As such the standard of the students will come down and there will be a problem for these students throughout their education.
    If not postpone the examinations for another 2 or 3 months and then start next year classes. The academic year may get delayed but there will not be any problem. This delay can be adjusted in the coming three or four years and can come to a normal schedule.

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