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    Petrol rates hiked again, in Mumbai nearly 100 per liter. Stop using vehicles

    The oil comapanies have no mercy and they are keeping on changing the price of petrol across the country and in Mumbai it almost touched 100 per liter. There is no respite from ever increasing fuel price and this is the challenging time for the people of the country as on the one hand either they are recieving less salary or half salary, wheras the expenses are increasing day by day. And if this continues the vehicle owners has to stop using their vehicles in future. How about having voluntary shut down by not using vehicles from every Individual across the country to boycott ever increasing petrol rates through this novel way of protest ?
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    True. Oil prices are rising. As the basic price increases, the taxes will increase. The State governments and the central governments will be getting huge money. They can decrease the taxes. But they are not doing so. They also want money for their day to day expenses and other incomes are reduced for the government also.
    But the public is not going to reduce their consumption. As of now the movement of people transport vehicles has come down. But goods transportation is going on as usual.
    These days all the people got accustomed to the usage of their own vehicles and they will not go for public transport. As such we will not see any difference in the consumption of fuel even though the prices increase. People should think of using public transportation and reduce their fuel consumption. Then there may be some change in the attitude of the governments and try to reduce the tax part.

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    Price hike does not affect people. If the oil price goes up the price of all other commodities are also affected but such issues have lost their importance. It has become very difficult for the economically lower class to survive at this age but who cares about them. Rich people are. becoming richer and poor ones are becoming poorer. Lockdown has broken the backbone of their earnings but who cares about them. Many people will. come forward to defend the price hike of oil and other commodities. What you can do? Nothing. They have their opinions, who can stop them from defending this price hike?
    We are undergoing a tough time.
    We have discussed this topic (oil price hike) several times, - should we discuss this topic anymore?

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    Is it possible to get back to the old pedestrian life without vehicles, even if you can escape the increase in fuel prices by not using vehicles? The way we learned and the culture we organized accordingly prevents us from it. So other ways to deal with rising fuel prices need to be explored. In my opinion, the most important thing is the use of a bicycle. If one person needs to go out, take the cycle to nearby destinations. Whether it is to the office or any other workplace. For those who are willing to make such a change, not only the Oil Price Hike or spending a penny that way, but also getting good health at no cost.
    The next step is to switch to electric vehicles that do not require such fuels. It is expensive and accessible only to high officials, rich people, and big businessmen.

    The next step is the most important and that everyone can do together. Gather the people of each area and prepare and sign each mass petition to their people's representatives. Ask for fuel sales to be included in the GST. Our MPs should ask the central government to include these oils in GST. Then the petrol prices will be halved.
    [It should also be noted that at present the VAT (value-added tax) of the states ranges from 16% to 38.1%. Sikkim has the lowest (15.7%) and Maharashtra has the highest at 38.1%) So the Finance Ministers of the states will not allow it in the GST meeting.]

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    The author is correct. The present situation itself made us to isolate ourselves in the house. Why dont we stop using our vehicles to meet out the price hike of petrol? Moreover in some apartments, I am telling before the covid period, the people with car, adjust themselves by taking other residents who are going on their same directions to stop using their two wheeler or cars. If this mentality prevails unity as well generosity will grow as well we can be free from worry of price hike. In the star hotels they charge 50 rupees for a cup of coffee, are we stop going there or worrying about their price.

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    Good advice is given by the author, although the prices of petrol have been increasing from time to time but its special effect is not seen on the public because the needs of the people matter more, but the author has rightly said that this is the time to be safe in our own homes anyway. There is time and in such a situation we should try to go out less. In such a situation, taking the price of petrol as an opportunity and positive fruit, we can protect ourselves and our family by keeping ourselves inside the house and can also stop our unnecessary expenses.

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    It's need of the hour as mounting prices of fuels especially petrol and diesel is the maun cause behind inflation in the country. Heavy taxation is not the only cause, our day but day usage of this scarce resource is rising that's why due to improper supply it's price rises. I have seen many people who use vehicles in just a small travel within 500 metres. Moreover pooling is the best way or travelling by public vehicles rather then using private vehicles. But due to demonstration effect prevailing in whole society we skips using these public transport and wants to own our own cars and other transports. Therefore need is to reduC usage of petrol otherwise low income group would face huge inflation which would make everything difficult for them.

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    The suggestion of the author is not bad that people should stop using their vehicles. Due to lockdown, people are not able to go everywhere because of restrictions by police. So most of the people are not using their vehicles but this is not the ultimate solution, rather the best solution is if people are not able to afford price hike then they should sell their vehicles and purchase bicycles instead, moreover, they may use public transport as well.
    This price hike is not going to stop, so it is better to take the right decision. However, those people who have a good source of income will not mind a price hike

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    The author has rightly pointed out the real situation how public is facing due to phenomenal rise of petroleum products. In fact, this seems to be beyond our pocket expenses and if the government machinery does not take care of our trouble in relation to such hikes, we need to take care of this aspect ourselves by minimising its consumption. This is the lockdown period when all of us remain confined to our homes, but once the situation normalises, we can opt for some other ways which would reduce its consumption. To have a cycle for covering a short distance and for personal outings, it could be one of the best alternatives. Even we can go on marketing for purchasing the stationary by means of a cycle. Expenses have mounted due to hike of prices in almost all the essential commodities and in that situation, the prices of petroleum products has become unmanageable.

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    Advising people to stop using vehicles is easy but it is difficult to implement even for those who suggest it. This blaming of the oil companies is nothing but a clever way of diverting the blame on the government. The government says it has nothing to do with the increase in the price of petroleum products. Then, how it happened that the rates of petrol and diesel were not increased during recent assembly elections? Everyone knows that the central and state government taxes are responsible. The oil companies increase the rate when there is an increase of crude in the international market. Ask the central and state governments to reduce the taxes. The best way is to bring petroleum products under GST.
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