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    Is it possible to take back the Veto power of China?

    Until 1971, the Veto power in the UN Security Council remained with Taiwan (Republic of China, ROC) and not with China (People's Republic of China, PRC). This is because until 1971, the world recognised Taiwan as real China. In 1971, through a UN Generally Assembly Resolution, the world recognised PRC as real China and the veto power got transferred from Taiwan to China (PRC).

    Today, as most of the countries are turning against China for its weird behaviour, is it possible for the world countries to again revert back to 1971 position by recognising Taiwan as real China and giving back the Veto power to Taiwan? Then the countries can pass a resolution to recognise Taiwan as a separate country and remove China from UN itself.
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    Now China is having a lot of influence in many other countries. China is a financially very well developed country. So how many countries really come to accept this process. Actually, India was having the chance of getting veto power in UNO. But we are kind enough to give that chance to China. Now it is stopping our countries development in as many ways as possible.
    The idea of the author is good and if really many nations come forward and do this, it will be a good lesson and they will understand the severity of the mistakes they are committing towards the other countries. The government in the US also changed now and they are having a good understanding of China, I feel. So the US may not be ready to accept such a proposal and once the major power says no many other countries also go with the US and finally the proposal may not come to light. Anyhow my appreciations to the author for his thought and really it is the best way for isolating China.

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    China is a very powerful country in the world. If the UN tries to pass a resolution to strip off this veto power of China, most probably, China will use veto power to quash the proposed resolution. I am surprised to see why Taiwan didn't use Veto power against the UN's resolution to deprive it of Veto power.

    Now the world is completely changed. China is a superpower now and it has a strong hand in UN Security Council.
    China is our worst enemy. If the whole world agrees to snatch veto power from China then it is possible, else china is not going to lose its veto power.

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    Nothing is impossible in this matter as most of the countries are against the China and its bad behavior, many countries suffered serious loss because of virus being spread thanks to China and if all the world biggest country, including India turns hostile towards China, the veto power can be removed. But who is going to bell the cat is the million dollar question. Already India, Australia, France and US have become one group to take Military wise against the overtures of China in Indian ocean, like wise other countries can also join this group and make it big against the China . In fact whereever China appears either in trade, economy or anything else, the other countries should simply walk out and no more talks. Such boycott alone would make China realize that it has bleak future and has to mend the ways from its present behavior.
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    I don't think China will have the Veto power to stop the General Assembly Resolution if it is passed by 2/3rd majority members. If the Veto power is applicable, then Taiwan should have used it in 1971. This is a peculiar case only for China because if majority nations consider Taiwan as real China, then the tables may turn again because till now Taiwan is not a member of UN.

    If Taiwan is a member of UN, then the scenario might be different. At that scenario, China will have full veto power and it can veto anything it wanted. If 2/3rd members in UN turn against China, then China can lose its membership in UN just like how Taiwan lost its membership in 1971.

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    Nobody can do anything to China is superpower nation and it is inevitable they can dictate the terms to every nation because they have got the strength and capability. They are invincibles veto power or any power nobody can take from them. India is heavily relying upon China in all aspects of all departments.
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    It was a great mistake done by our earlier leaders to support out of the way to get China into UN. Now the same China is using its seat and veto power to block India in all ways.

    The blame of giving China importance even risking our national interests lies squarely with Nehru and other leaders of Congress who followed him.

    There is a big moral lesson here for us to learn. I hope the present central government tries its best to reduce the damages coming to us from China. Even now many of our political leaders are not wise enough to show maturity one serious matters concerning national security and nation's status. They feel that they will be accepted only if they oppose everything done by the ruling government. That is the grave mistake being continued by our political leaders.

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    If there are sufficient members favouring the ousting of China from having veto power then it is possible to do so in the UN meeting through resolution. Only thing is the other countries should have that type of unity and determination. There are many countries which are obliged by China in one way or other. They will never agree for reducing the powers of China in the UN. China is not only a powerful country but they also have all sort of techniques to have supremacy in the world through trade and other means. They are able to bulldoze their cheaper products in any country in the world and poor and low income group people go for Chinese products only.
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    It is now very difficult to take back veto power of China, as China is not as it was a few decades ago. China can now control and dominate many other countries in one way or other- mostly by trade,investment and technology . The world nations which were viewing China's hegemonic tendencies till now, have now many more doubts and apprehensions about China especially since the spread of Corona.

    The only way to prevent the veto power of China is to 'dilute' it by increasing the numbers of permanent members with veto power. India is the best candidate for that, but China is the main one objecting and blocking India's entry .or increasing numbers of countries.
    India has to work hard discreetly, diplomatically and even openly to increase the number of permanent veto members and get itself in that position .India should be able to convince all other powerful nations including the other veto power nations. The present situation of doubts on China's intentions and integrity should be exploited and encashed by India.

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