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    I am back with New Energy.


    I Seema Mittal back with new energy. I want to connect again with ISC. Please suggest me how to start my second inning. I was login in study village too. but i forget login and link too. kindly tell me about ISC sister's concern site.Is post photos section is closed.

    My last credit 446 RS has been expired or active.
    Thank You.
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    Welcome back Seema Mittal,

    As you are an old member you are already aware of many of its processes, but for now, I will suggest you give your contribution to the forum section first. You can also go with the ask experts section. Give your responses in other threads and also post some unique and innovative threads, by contributing here you will get back your writing habit. ISC is always open for their all member so share your ideas through the threads and again be a part of it.

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    Welcome back to you. Go through all the pinned forums on the top of the forum index. They will make you understand all the changes that took place on this site. Once you are able to know the changes , you can start working as usual on this site.
    As per the new policy of the site if you have not logged in for a period of one year your account will get terminated and you have to start afresh, I feel. I wish and hope you will continue your work on the site with increased vigor and progress here.

    always confident

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    Welcome back to this educational and knowledge sharing portal. As you are already aware of the basics of contributing in this site, I think it would not be wise to repeat all that stuff. I would only say that today when there are so many sites in the internet where writers, authors, content writers, business entities, service providers etc are contributing their bit depending upon their objectives, there are some sites which are able to survive in the crowd of so many competing sites and one of them is ISC. So, it makes sense to contribute here and there are two distinctive advantages of it. First is that it brings improvement in ones writings which many of our senior members would vouch for and second is that one can make some part time income from it. The key to success here is to contribute more and more for a long time and with that note I wish you a very successful second innings here.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Welcome back Seema glad to see you again. The site is the same , some new members joined and some old members not active but the activities are keep going. You have good writing caliber and you can stick to article writing and submission on any subject and you are also good at in participating in the group discussions. Our ask expert section is one more feather in the cap through which you can give your expert opinion on known matters and questions asked there. And do visit this forum to have good interaction with the members on daily basis on varied topics and thus you would be rewinding the lost connectivity with this site. I am sure within few days you would pick up and even start winning awards and rewards. All the best for the second innings but make one thing sure that you daily visit here and make your presence felt.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Welcome back Seema Mittal.

    You were a regular and active member for many years till you took a small break. Not much change has happened during your absence. Basically things are same. Hence it will be quite easy to be in your form very soon. You may be able to add more from your experience in the time between.
    Your forum posts and contributions in other sections are most welcome.

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