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    How did you feel for missing ISC for the last three days?

    Well, I am sure everyone, I mean our regular contributors were annoyed for not getting logged in and missing their favourite Web channel ISC. There was a serious problem with the server as informed to us and the glitch was sorted out early morning today. Now things are back to normal with safe data.

    How did you feel the missing of ISC as it affected everybody including the ME and her team and our other contributors like Mohan, Umesh and Dr.Rao (just very few names are mentioned)? Share your observations please.
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    Good morning to see ISC bounce back to action and was truly missing the activities for three days and that prompted me to shoot mail to even our ME and she replied me immediately for technical snag which is being attended by our webmaster. Since we are all working from home and ISC was the standby site for me to get refreshed to share something and go to my work again. But in the absence of ISC and total shut down in fact I got annoyed or irked as to why our webmaster are not having tab on working of our site and why it took three days to set right. At lease once in a day the webmaster should take the working of this site into confidence so that any snag or technical hitch could have been corrected within short span and not this much time. Any way we are back in action and the activities resumed again.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I really did miss the ISC for the past three days. I have tried many times but not able to open the site. I have googled and found out that it is not only for me but for everyone. I thought it will be back in one or two days. Happily, the ISC website is back again after resolving the server problems.
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    A few days ago an author asked through his thread whether we have been addicted to ISC. It seems to me that the last three days prove that yes we are indeed addicted. Past three days I missed ISC a lot. feeling so happy to see it back. On Monday I thought maybe there would be some technical issue and it will be fixed soon but later when I saw the same error message even Tuesday. I actually worried about it. Maybe many of us authors also providing their time and content to other websites too but I feel ISC is the only site where we are connected not only to deliver content but also to one another, especially those members who are more active on the forum and we find our day incomplete without getting involved in the usual discussions. We really missed ISC and hope that will never happen again in the future.

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    The last three days, have been understanding figuring out I am addicted to every single thing. I had to stay away from ISC for more than six months due to some special circumstances and for the last few months, I have liked to go to ISC five or five times a day. But for the last three days, I have spent a lot of time checking my internet connection and computer settings thinking that it will be my problem even after trying from time to time. It was only yesterday afternoon I realized that the ISC site was in problem. During these three days, the computer was turned on for other purposes only. The rest of the time was quiet. The habit of reading new threads of friends in the forum and responding only to what seems appropriate resumes today.
    Good morning to all. Stay at home safely.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    I was confused about how to reach someone who could tell me the reason why I was facing this problem accessing the website. I assumed that something is wrong with my network but when I googled other websites they were working. Also, I borrowed the phones of other people and tried to visit ISC but all in vain.
    I missed ISC a lot and I think every regular visitor of ISC might have missed it for these days.
    I don't know what the problem was which stopped ISC functioning and deprived of users visiting their favourite website.

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    On Sunday evening, I wanted to submit an article and was a bit annoyed that I could not log in so dashed off a message to Tony Sir. On Monday morning when I realized that the site was still down, was not at all bothered about it frankly. Looked at it from another perspective, that I got time off from work! So used the break very constructively, worked on posts for my blogs and completed some more writeups for ISC. Overall, it was a good break for me and I was not that upset at all that ISC was not accessible. Just stayed cool and waited for it to be back.
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    I was rather confused when I could not log in despite my repeated attempts. Every time server was not working and then finally I could discover that connectivity of the internet was missing. I tried to connect the same through the different internets available to me but nothing worked. Then today itself when I got up early in the morning today, I made an attempt with my mobile and I could discover the connection of this platform all of sudden. A gap of three days appeared as if I were missing this channel for years. Restoration of the site has now provided me a sigh of relief.

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    I felt that I lost ISC. I felt that ISC has punished me for something by blocking my entry. Whenever I tried to login, It showed 'Run time error/application". I thought my IP has been blocked. I tried to use others laptop to confirm it, But all other gadgets showed the same thing "Runtime error". I thought of contacting WM Tony through facebook. I sent a message from facebook page.
    Today morning I tried, and smiled to see ISC working fine.

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    I had a different issue. On the 23rd morning, I spent some time on the site. Then I received a call from my uncle's son ( My father's brother's son) who was not well and asked me to come immediately. My uncle was suffering from a serious health problem for almost 6 months (Not Corona) and started recovering slowly. But that day early morning there was a problem and he was struggling. He was 78 years old. He stays in a nearby village to our native place. I was at home and he expired. So I spent all the time with them. So I couldn't open the system. But in between I was trying to open on my mobile but error message was coming. Meanwhile I received s WhatsApp message from Mohan and he called me also. Yesterday night I came back to our native place. Aggain today morning I received a message from Mohan. So I have not felt much because of this problem. Anyhow many members might have felt the absence. I was in touch with Mohan all the three days and I even informed about the death of my uncle.
    always confident

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    From the sharing of the members, those who are regualar has felt a pinch of site being down, but it seems everyone utiized the time effectively for other purpose.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I must have missed ISC. I also put two or three messages on the ISC's Facebook page to find out why the website is not working or any maintenance work is going on.

    I am glad that ISC has started running again. Meanwhile, I have also downloaded the ISC app from the Google play store but it is not working properly now. I hope that in the coming days we will get a chance to work with the app as well. I think the app is in the development phase right now.


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    I missed it just like so many other members. Contributing in ISC is a routine for us and is a daily addiction so it was natural to feel jittery when we were not able to access it. It is nice to see that the problem is now resolved and we are able to now contribute and submit our work as we were doing earlier to this problem. When you work in a site on a regular basis for a long time you become a part of it and a sudden temporary stoppage of the same will be a big issue.
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    I felt so much missing for the ast 3 days as the website not opening and the reason shown is run time error. I tried many many times to open the site on my mobile but with no success. I tried to find out the reason through face book from ISC community but no information from there found. ISC might have given this information through social media like facebook, then members get relieved. I contacted my brother who is also a member and he told it is a technical problem.

    I am very happy to see Indiastudychannel App. and I installed it. I think it is in working phase and still is not working. I congratulate the ISC management for creating an App for our channel.

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    I am not very regular at ISC but it is a relation like on and off whenever I have time I enjoy writing and reading on ISC and I started writing again but then the site was not working I thought it is a glitch because of my network being slow.
    As I tried again and again, the same error was persisting on screen so when today when it worked fine I felt really good and happy about it.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    I am a college student and also a person not that much good in English. I felt in the past that I should try to do something useful and also valuable. At the time all my efforts are failed and at once I felt that I am a waste person and I can't do nothing useful. Suddenly I come across ISC channel and it boosts me that, it is the one and only channel to upload university question paper which does not require to be as expert in english language. From there I started uploading question paper and I got confidence that I can also do something efficient. From past days My mind we'll known that the channel will be back but my mind was distracted of not able to login to the channel and I am out of the mind. Now I feel good after able to upload question papers.

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    When I tried to login to ISC in my usual evening time, I could not get access. I thought it may be some temporary issue and left to login after sometime. Then also I found problem. I tried from my phone. It was then that I became sure that there is some issue with the site.
    Then I checked online using websites like WebPlanet and similar ones and found that ISC is not accessible from anywhere in the world. That was when I felt there is some serious issue.
    But when the site did not come back alive even after more than two days, I had some weird doubts crossing my mind like, whether ISC has defaulted in payment to the server managing owners, or whether ISC is blacklisted for some reason and taken out etc.
    Just to check if it is okay, I used to try occasionally .

    Now in the evening I tried and found the site is back and up. Happy that it is up again.

    But I expected some straight announcement from the WM on the issue. Frankly, I am disappointed. Is it so silly matter for the WM or ISC higher ups?

    God forbid, but if something similar happens again, I think members(at least myself) may not feel so serious, when the WM or establishment themselves do not mind it important to come with a matter of fact announcement.

    May be I am a bit raw and blunt in my remarks. But that is genuine and one time. Let things be smooth from now.

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    Venkiteswaran sir, how could the Webmasters make any announcement for the information of the members when the server itself was down? They also must have lost the connectivity. Yes, they could have updated the Facebook page but I think they also did not expect such a delay in restoring the connection. Anyways, glad that things are back to normal now.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    @731370."They also must have lost the connectivity. "
    I did not expect a statement when the site was down. I expected a statement after the site was up again. Just a matter of fact statement from WM. That would have compensated or made worth the agony of many members who were rendered blind, deaf and dumb suddenly.
    Any organisation would have come up with some statement from their top establishment people about that. What happened was extraordinary. It was not a routine thing like power failure happening in bad weather, from an electric company. Such things are taken for granted. FB or Google also face hiccups. But they also come out with statements or announcements after rectifying the issue.

    Anyway, having conveyed my feeling in this regard, I would like it to rest here and do not want it to be a discussion on that further. I am sure the message has been noted.

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    Dear all,

    These 3 days of trouble for ISC in fact helped me realise how you are all attached to this portal. It gives me a great feeling to know that there are so many people who really missed ISC when it was a tough time and site went down. ISC is still successfully running because of the passion you all have. Thanks to each one of you from the bottom of my heart.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    I also tried to log in to ISC many times but could not get access. Then I thought that my internet connection is not working properly. After spending 12 hours, I tried to find out problem. Then I get to know that problem is with site. Really, I missed a lot these three days.

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