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    Tactics and purity of purpose

    Tactics are the only solution to things that cannot be done in the right way. But they should not have the ingredients of intrigue. Not all lies are harmful, and not all tactics are crimes. At least some of these are the last attempts of those who have blocked all other avenues.

    Not all shortcuts can be blamed. If it can make the journey easier and reduce the distance to the destination, Then why should we not follow them? The purity of purpose determines the superiority of the means. Everyone has their ways and methods of working. Someone may have invented the 'leverages' to alleviate their hard work. It is also an innate ability. We have to respect those who invent ways that are not harmful to anyone.
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    Everyone has their own way of living in life, to get success, to work, and every way is considered to be right which will not harm anyone else. Inadvertently it may happen that some other person has become unhappy due to one of our steps, but our intention is not to hurt him but only to move towards our goal, then it will not be wrong. The author has rightly said that not every lie is wrong and that the shortcut will be considered bad because it is the nature of the mind that it can make a change in itself by adopting adaptation according to the circumstances and it is also necessary.

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    All tactics which, as the author thinks, are not right though but a person has no options but using such tactics due to finding all avenues closed, moreover, he has to resort lies that are not harmful to get him to success or his purpose to get fulfilled does not make me wonder because in certain situations these tactics and lies that the author has pointed out are inevitable to be carried out. But as a matter of fact, in the professional world, it is all that can be taken for time being though but in the long run, these tactics and lies are going to be proven detrimental for professionals. Selling a comb to a bald is cheating , however, some people may assume it as smart marketing but the reality is otherwise. Next time the bald man will spoil future marketing avenues.
    However, for individual efforts concerning individual goal, such tactics and lies may be useful for a struggler.

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    If we are inventing a new path for a problem by following all the rules and regulations without compromising on any values, there should not be any problem. Another issue we have to see while inventing a new path that we should not deceive any person. Then we will not worry about our new path. It may be beneficial to many others also in addition to you.
    When a child is crying we may say some untruths to see that she will stop crying. That can't be seen as a sin. We are telling lies to make the child happy. Because of this nobody is getting any loss or getting deceived. But telling lies for our benefit and making others to lose is a very big mistake,

    always confident

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    Every work would be hard and harder during the beginning because we are not aware of the whole things and the reason behind getting the right things done. Once the intricacies are made known or investigated through our own thoughts and digging for the information, we may feel relaxed and even enjoying handling with the complaints. That is the reason being so those who are connected to the customer care and more relaxed and even the customer shouts at them at the first instance, later they get the customer into their groove. So the tactics of the work must be understood and how to convince the other person should be our motto.One of my friend who is in sales used to say that if you cannot convince a person, then confuse them is the way to get them into our grove. Probably he made the point and I too agree with his assumptions.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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