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    What is the question of this answer?

    Rahul takes a bus from Malvia Nagar to go to AIIMS. There were a total of 11 passengers on the bus. The bus moved from Malivia Nagar. At Pacnchshil park 2 passengers with 4 children boarded and 3 passengers got down. Then At Haus Khas, 5 new passengers got in and 1 passenger got down. The next stop is Yusuf Sarai, 4 passengers with 2 two children came on the bus and 3 passengers got down. At Green park stop 5 passengers got down and 1 passenger got in. And then at AIIMS, this journey came to an end.

    Note: two children are equal to one adult.

    Somebody asked Rahul a question and he answered 'four'
    What question was asked to him?
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    Someone may have asked Rahul how many adult passengers boarded the bus from Panchsheel Park? and/or it may be: How many children boarded the bus from there?
    The question may be: How many people got off the bus from Malivia Nagar to Haus Khas?
    It may be: "What was the difference in the number of passengers on the bus starting from Haus Khas?
    How many passengers did you miss when you arrived at AIIMS from Green Park stop? The question can also be.

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    The question maybe
    1. How many passengers get on the bus at Pacnchshil park
    2. What is the difference in the number of passengers that are present in the bus when it is stopped at Haus Khas and when it started again.
    3. How much less is the number of passengers when it stopped and started from Green Park.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    Sorry, your answers are not correct.

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    There can be endless possibilities of questions to be asked from Rahul. As if there could be a possibility that someone asks him what is the time?

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    @Kamal Kishore: Pls read it again.

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    How many stops in between Malavianagar and AIIMS?
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    Question -From how many bus stops the boarding and deboarding activities took place except the original departing station?

    Answer - Four (Panchaseel Park - Haus Kaus - Yusuf sarai - Green park.)

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    Yes, KVVR and SuN both are right.

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    Is there any other answer other than 4, to all the other questions?
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