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    India's great wrestler commit murder?

    Sushil Kumar, the Olympic medalist wrestler who raised the Indian flag for his country by winning medals in a foreign land has been arrested for the murder of another fellow wrestler Sagar Rana.
    According to police "Sushil had asked (his friend) Prince to make that video. He and his associates thrashed the victims like animals. He wanted to establish his fear in the wrestling community,".
    What I should say about this incident - Is it insanity or stupidity or greed or what else? How a man who is honoured as a great wrestler of the world. He has name, money and all, nevertheless, he went to this extent? Why did he commit this crime?
    This incident proves one thing for sure that nobody can predict when any person can go mad.
    It is not merely an incident of murder, rather it is a great teaching for us that we should control ill feelings and should keep our eyes on introspection.
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    It is really a very bad happening. A person who is at the helm of affairs should not go down to such low levels and should not discourage others from coming up in their lines. The police were trying to catch him for a week almost finally arrested him on the 23rd of this month. His original employer Indian Railways suspended him from the services and he is presently in the custody of the police. The police should investigate the case and should punish the culprits without any mercy. Then only people will have a fear to go for such bad deeds.
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    Yes, it has been a sad and weird incident, which is also difficult to believe because whenever it comes to India's most successful Olympian, the name of wrestler Sushil Kumar will come. He is the first player from India to have won the Olympic medal twice in the singles event. Bronze medal winner at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and also a silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics. It is becoming very difficult to believe that such an image of a famous personality whose fans are there and who many believed to be his ideal is coming in front of the world.

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    Already India is facing shortage of sports persons in varied fields and when India thought that some one called Sushil Kumar brought name and fame to the country in Wrestiling , whole country felt happy. But this incident brought shame to him, shame to the country and shame to the wrestiling fraternity. Some times people go mad after getting name and fame and probably with that phobia this person has acted and done the crime. India wants sincere sports persons who can work hard and bring laurels to the country and not those who bring bad repute. All the good name India got has been vanished with this act.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Human nature is very strange and when someone will get an evil thing in ones mind is difficult to predict. Actually the devilish part remains inside everyone but the wise people tame it and control it so that it remains in a low profile position. The good people will have a full control on their temptation for bad elements in the life while bad people will be using the negative territories often. The wrester had earned name, fame, and money but he could not control his temperament not to go for such an act which none will approve in this world. The problem is that when one's mind gets feeling of revenge or anger creeps in him in a big amount then he forgets the good and bad of the action and simply does it without thinking the results or the consequences. We had seen many such cases happening around and definitely the people who had done such heinous crimes never thought about the consequences of the same. Another problem is that when someone is determined to do a bad action then unfortunately he gets a group of people supporting him in his deed as well as provoke and encourage him to do it.
    Knowledge is power.

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