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    By remembering the old sorrows, you also spoil your good time.

    A person of about 35 years, sitting in the garden, looking at the children playing, and was thinking that, even if he was still a child, and then remembering his childhood, he started feeling sadder, then he looked at the group of some elders, All those elderly people who will be around 60 years of age, and all of them were talking loudly and laughing, looking at them, the person thinks, what a good life there is, after coming in this age, there is no stress in life.

    While the truth is that those children may also be unhappy about anything like their studies in their level or at times freedoms and that group of elders can also think about their life's concerns. But at that time, they were not doing so, while making their present good with the beauty of the garden and the cool breeze, greenery, etc.

    The conclusion is that an unhappy person is more unhappy because he is wasting his present good time by considering the sorrows and worries of his past or future.
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    Remembering old issues and worrying is not a good trait. Once we may analyse the issue and see the pros and cons of the happenings and see that we will correct the mistakes committed by us. Then we should not waste our time remembering them always. Past is past. We can't change it. The future is uncertain. So it is not wise to waste our time. We should enjoy our present and learn a lesson from our present. One should make his life happy as much as possible. Comparing us with others and feeling sad is also not correct. We should be happy with what all God has given to us and we should thank him for all that he has given.
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    Our bad memories don't leave us easily but taking their burden on our head is sheer foolishness. We should not think about them deliberately, let them come effortlessly, and if we don't heed to them, they will go easily.
    None is hundred per cent happy in this world. There are hundreds of people around us who have more problems and sorrows than us. However, small children are always happy, hardly any of them may be worried about any problem. We should learn how to be happy from them.

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    All-time is good according to the time. The young were indeed free birds because they had no obligation. But it's happier when we become an earning member or when we get a job. It gives us the thrill of a new beginning in past marriage. That time was happier than anything else. And then becomes the parent of a child. Then it was the happiest time of all. And the joy of being a family. Raising and teaching a child/children brings another joy when they enter a career. At the same time, we were getting older. But none of that catches our attention. The next scene - the marriage of children to those who are already married. Isn't that happier than anything else?
    Retirement is the first step in getting married late. It's a little stressful. Such people get rid of it by marrying their children.
    So when is the time to be sad for a long time?
    Even if there was some trouble in our old days, what is the use of remembering that and grieve?
    What is the use of thinking now is a worse time than in the past, and spoiling the present good times?

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    After reading the post, my thoughts went to one of my freind who is no more, used to celebrate the miss and failures of life and thus want to forget the bitter moments. When I asked as to why he was celebrating the bad time or the failure of life, he said that by celebrating the party, we remember the party and grouping and not the sorrow moment. Surely he made the point here. Like what the author said there is no point in pondering over what was gone wrong and spoiling our mood for the present good day. Bad challeges and moments are going to happen but we should not revind the same and that will spoil our mood for sure. Even in small failures we should try to get some happiness because if the failure was big we could not have faced or digested it and therefore small failures is to be taken as our success story and celebrate it.
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    Famour writer A G Gardener wrote in his one of the articles that the aged peoples should spend their life by thinking always about the good happenings in their past life. If they are couples they should speak themselves about the old good events like their visiting places, enjoyed foods, etc., This is a good positive approach suggested by the author as it removes the bad happenings and sorrows of old and present.

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