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    How do you react to such issues?

    How you will react if you receive notifications from new friends on any social media platform/s. Notifications are commonly received and sent then what is peculiar in it? Actually, I am not very active on social. media platforms but I was startled when I received two videos - one from a male friend and the second from a female friend. The first one was a porn video and the sender is just 15 years of age and the second one is from a 17 years old girl in which she exposed her body. I was literally, shocked to see these videos. I blocked both of them though but their thought could not be scratched from my mind. What these teenagers are doing? Where are their parents? Perhaps they have no time to see what their children are doing on the internet.

    A hardly 16 years old girl in my mohalla got spoilt because of the plethora of love from her parents. She being the only issue to her parents took their love for granted. She openly compared herself to Sunny Leonie on social media platforms. Her parents took her to another city to escape from society. Now after staying in mud for a few years, she is trying to improve herself, now this girl with her parents has returned.
    How do you take these issues of such issues?
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    Such topics are a matter of concern for society and the responsibility of this matter is of paramount importance. Every family tries to do this on their behalf so that they can give their children the right learning along with a more convenient and happier life and in the effort of Isis, they may at times give more than necessary discounts to the children. Every parent has confidence in their child and hopes that children keep their trust. Children start moving in the wrong direction in the world of the internet and make their future bleak. The world of the internet is huge which has no end, it was invented so that people and humans can grow more but some people start using it wrongly. In the end, it is the advice that children need to move forward with modernity, but parents themselves should also keep an eye on the activities of the children. It is a challenge for parents to give the right direction and values ??to the children, but it is very important for the parents to succeed in this challenge.

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    My time on social media is very less. I will not accept friend requests from unknown people. So I never received such videos so far. Many employees lost their jobs during the pandemic and they are not able to get money for the expenses. That is why many people are getting into making such videos, I heard.
    Teenage people will not understand the problems that they have to face if they start doing such activities. That is why parents should be careful with such children and see that they will be always on the right track.

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    Their parents were the first to detect and prevent such problems. But for some reason, they did not. Needless to say, it was very hurtful for that family. In the past, mobile phones were inaccessible until high school. But while even learning is online this pandemic season, kids are licensed to use phones and computers without limits. But parents do not try to check whether they are attending class on the computer or mobile phone or they are doing anything. After attending the original online class, parents should be aware that their children may be acting such problems in the back of the computer in the name of a fake online class. Parents should take precautionary measures against such things, which are now done in secret while sitting at home, and when they go to class at the end of this pandemic season, they do not go into worse and more illegal activities with other friends. It would be good to give classes online to help children understand cyber laws and the laws of the land. Core values ??are not teaching even in physical classes. It is necessary to make a small change to the present system of teaching only the subjects in the curriculum and to develop awareness in the children about the values ??to be followed in life as taught in the past
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    The modern society boasts of freedom and advancements but there are hidden dangers there and many youngsters fall in those traps. Drugs, porn material, smoking joints, drinks etc are the main areas where there are infatuations for the young generation and there are many families in which parents are not very vigilant or think that their children will never be like that. Another reason for these things is the charm of money. Some of these activities have opportunities for quick earnings and that attracts the young people. The criminals and evil elements in the society are always look out for these youngsters and take them in their rings.
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    The development noticed by the author is quite shocking. The kids sometimes go out of control because of nonintervention of the parents. Parents are of the opinion that the kids are busy with the online classes and have full trust on them. However, they should be aware of the side effects of offering mobile to their children. The same could be used for the different situations either. They need to be a little bit tactful while dealing with their kids and once the kids attain the age of puberty, they need to closely watched and tutored if required. Moreover a strict vigilance is required to be undertaken to see with whom their kids are mixing. If required counselling could be beneficial from their sides to mend their ways. The kids are vulnerable to wrongdoings if parents are not paying due attention to this aspect. The exercise would be strenuous one if the situation goes out of the parental hands.

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