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    Are we waiting for any Gabbar?

    I think most of the cinema-goers might have watched Sholay, a great Hindi movie. Amjad Khan played the role of Gabbar Singh, a decoit. A few years ago a movie by Akshay Kumar was released In which he played the role of Gabbar Singh and killed corrupt officers. What is happening in the government sector? How private hospitals are looting people. How they earn money on corpses of people. It is shown that there is fear of Gabbar Singh to take any bribe from people and performing any crime against humanity or society. The whole system begins to get reformed because of his fear. And Gabbar, the villain became a hero in the eyes of people. Although he is a criminal according to law, yet he is a great reformer of this corrupt system.

    We have government, police, Anti Corruption Department, court and other law enforcement agencies yet corruption is pervaded everywhere. Why this whole system is sunk in corruption. Why Anti Corruption Bureau is not held responsible for corruption?
    Do we need a real Gabbar Singh to uproot corruption by killing corrupt people? Are we not responsible for this corruption? Do we not give bribe to get our work done?
    What are we waiting for? Any Gabbar to eliminate every bribe-taker as well as the giver?
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    If it would be possible, then there will be a big change in the world, but the truth is that we are all aware that the end of corruption is not as easy as it is shown in cinema. In movies, a person constantly eliminates evil, and there comes a time when the country gets progressed and no one is left untouched, but we know that it is a fictional story that has no relation to reality. Yet we have found many such great reformers and heroes in our real life too, but their struggle was suppressed and victory was won by corruption.

    There was also one such movie "Nayak" in that Anil Kapoor does a lot of reforms by making a one-day CM, the biggest thing is that recently some states also implemented it and the CM post for a day will be given to someone else. All of us saw what was given but what was the truth, this decision was taken only for show. The end of corruption is not going to happen by anyone Gabbar only, but for this, the whole society will have to step in unison.

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    I don't think we need only one Gabbar. All of us should become Gabbars. Then only we can see a different society.
    But when there are no givers how one can receive them. Some of us are only offering bribes to them to get some favours from them and that is making them get habituated to bribes. If all of us start giving bribes and see that all the works will be carried out as per the rules and regulations and see that the deserving candidates get benefitted, there will not be any problem. So I always feel that the change should come from the public first.
    I have seen a movie of Kamal Hasan by the name of Bharthiyudu in which he played the roles of a father and his son. The father is very sincere and killed many corrupt officers. But unfortunately, his own son who works in the transport department was also habituated to take bribes. The father never spared his son also and killed him.
    A single man has to bring in a big change means he has to become a leader and many may follow him based on his individual leadership skills.

    always confident

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    Right from the Independence the majority of the ruling is done by the Congress or their mother party and the corruption seeds were sown from their period and every government office and department has been expecting bribe and favor from the beneficiary without which nothing moved and nothing done. What the author has asked is right, why not we make ACB responsible for unearthing the corrupt practices, but to my surprise I have seen the so called ACB in state level are after petty bribe takers of low amount and they catch hold of the officer at the spot of taking bribe probably on the tip of the bribe giver. But I have nevere seen ACB unearthing big scams. Only alert media in India are capable of bringing corrupt practices and corrupt people to book , otherwise these corruption would be continuing for ever and more.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Bribing is as criminal as taking a bribe. This is also displayed in large letters in all offices. It gives the phone number and address of the vigilance cell. But we have a long tradition of bribing the officer to get his way done by law and to get the same demand before others get it. People are unwilling to report corruption to the Anti-Corruption Bureau, and so they could not take action against it. Such people will be caught only if the public decides to fulfill their responsibilities. But we are still waiting for a Messiah or another Gabbar Singh. How can those who have done their thing in this way support the anti-corruption movement? It would be like consuming alcohol to get rid of its workload after engaging in anti-alcohol activity and preaching vociferously.

    Many Gandhian preachers come forward with this work only after their main needs have been met. It can only be seen as, after doing all the evil deeds in their good younger times, some coming into the godly thoughts and to the forefront in giving God's message to the public when they become old.
    The eradication of corruption will remain a mirage until the public decides that it will not stand for corruption and will not pay bribes.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    In Tamilnadu, A new chief secretary Mr. Iraianbu would be like a Gabbar. He started his work with strict action against the officials involved in corruption. May it be a government or private. He has already issued his first warning letter.
    No life without Sun

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