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    Pot-valour of a drunkard

    Somebody is staggering on the road or is lying on foot bath or he is showing his pot valour by defying any powerful person or even an officer or screaming while using abusive language for someone you will promptly come to know that this man is a drunkard. He is unconscious. What he is saying he does not know because liquor has snatched his thinking power. He doesn't have control over his tongue so long as he is intoxicated.
    I feel pity for these people who have no self-respect. They don't know how people are laughing at them. If they are habitual of taking liquor they can take it at home and stay back until they return to normalcy.
    I don't take it but I say nothing about what people like or dislike. This is their choice. Who can stop them? Nobody. But at least they should think for a moment what their behaviour is and what they are doing in public they should be considerate enough. Creating nuisance for others is an uncivilised activity.
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    After drinking alcohol, people never remain in their senses, condition should not be there to this extent. I don't understand why people like to drown themselves so much. If a person is taking alcohol as taste, then he should know his limits, after that limit, he will lose control over himself. Even today, no one knows how many accidents are due to this negligence.
    I also do not agree that if a person loses the sensation of drinking too much alcohol, then that person should do it themselves within the house. After all, other family members also live in the house and when an alcoholic becomes uncontrolled then it will be detrimental to the other members of that family as well.
    Many matrimonial relationships get spoiled due to this reason, where often the husband is intoxicated by alcohol, the person beats his wife or children, and sometimes even the parents. Why take such a dangerous thing which makes people as well as your loved ones unhappy. Surprisingly, no strict steps are taken by the government or any other organization against it, just because it is a big source of revenue.

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    Many people who drink without any limit outside will be behaving like this. These people may not have self-respect I agree. But their family members will feel ashamed in front of others when a member of their family behaves in a very nasty way.
    Generally, rich people keep their minibars in their houses and they drink and stay back in their homes. Nobody knows how he behaves when he is in a drunken condition. But poor people who can't afford costly liquor will go for country liquor which is available outside will drink too much and create such a situation.
    I have no habit of having the drink. So I don't know why the behaviour changes so much when they take liquor. Why the individual will not stop drinking after a certain level so that he will not be laughing stock to others. Many poor families are suffering because of this and the ladies in such houses suffer a lot in taking care of their families.

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    The author has brought in detailed behavior of a drunkard person who has no respect in the family, friends, relatives or the society and simply he has friends who are also drinking with them and then forget. Drunkards have the very bad habit of rememberig sour happenings of the past and who ever connected to them are being abused in public and they shout with name and that is very awkward for those are in public contact and known to many. Drunkard peroson cannot keep the promise and he would vomit everything if offered more to drink and that is the reason many would take the drunkard statement is real because it comes from his heart and not stage managed. One thing is sure in Telangana the drunkards have become nuisance for the general public as they start public drinking and bad behavior on the roads and ladies cannot walk through the road.
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    The author has very nicely depicted the plight of the drunkards especially those who take so much that they become unconscious. I am surprised with one thing that even in some advanced and developed countries some people take so much liquor that they become almost unconscious but do not lose their manners. My friend told me that when he went to France for some business work he stayed there for about a month and had to attend some parties where unlimited drinks were available and people took them also simply gulping down one by one but even after so much intoxication they were able to say 'sorry' and 'excuse me' every time some of them collided with my friend. He also told me that if it were India by that time some fights would had taken places. So, the point is that these drunkards in our country are definitely intoxicated but it is also a fact they have grown up in a society where they had simply learned to abuse others and take advantage of their intoxicated situation to do that so that they can later say that they did not do it knowingly. How people have grown up, this, one can check after they are highly intoxicated.
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    We are aware of the side effects of taking alcohol but exceeding the same would mean loosing the senses to the points they may become unconscious at times. The same can be controlled to some extent with their confinement at home where such people would be attended by the family members in case of any abnormality. Even then, I must say it may affect the peace of the entire family. They may even turn to aggressive and violent causing the entire atmosphere tensed. They may abuse and beat their own wives and children for no faults of theirs.The ultimate result is that the progress of the family halts due to such a behaviour apart from the economic dis balance of the entire family. Alcoholism eats away the other essential needs to be done in the family. Solution lies in the immediate consultation with a psychiatrist to tackle such patients.

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    It is doubtful whether alcoholics know that they are challenging the country and the natives after drinking. I have heard that if one drinks alcohol, he will lose consciousness. Then we realize that their subconscious mind is at work. So maybe the feelings that were resting at the bottom of their minds were probably bursting out after drinking. After all, most drinkers use language and body language that are offensive to them. This refers to those who walk out of the bar or liquor shop after drinking to home.

    But those who bring it home and consume, it may think that they are a lot better. There was an older brother who worked as an attendant in the health department near our house. After drinking, he often came to his easy chair on the front porch and starts singing sad movie songs of that time. If someone he knows, walks down the road, he will stop singing and just sit there and say hello. When the person is gone, he will start reciting the rest of the song. Is it possible to say that he lost his sense after drinking alcohol? So it is important to understand that not everyone who consumes alcohol loses consciousness.
    People who drink a little alcohol as royalty before supper at home were happy to eat and sleep well. However, tax revenue from the sale of liquor is the main source of revenue for some state governments.

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    There is a saying in Malayalam " Kallu kaal pangu, bhallu mukkaal pangu" , which means that in the weird actions of a drunkard, the drink itself has only one-fourth part , but the three-fourth contribution is of the deliberate intention of the drunk person.
    Many such people use intoxication as a shield and excuse to commit weird acts which otherwise is not allowed in public or not done by civil and social minded people. Many feel their act is of heroism. Movies also show and give a wrong impression that drink brings valour and courage. So many people try to imitate that imagining that they are valiant and heroic.

    There is still attempts to propagate a notion that limited drinking is good for health.

    Liquor lobby is also a very powerful lobby and they can influence the governments and policies to a great extent at least in most states in this country, because, a good percentage of revenue comes from liquor. For states like Kerala liquor sector is a cash cow. So they cannot take any policies like prohibition on drinking or policies that affect the turnover of liquor lobby.

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