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    Modiji will become more powerful in future

    In The Caravan Magazine, an article written by Dhirendra K. Jha was published on 26th April. It was related to Dattatreya Hosabale's elevation as the RSS's executive head (Sarkaryavah). Manoj Kumar Sharma ( of Azad Hind Awaz, a Youtube Channel) has also opined that he is the man of Modiji because he used RSS machinery to win elections for him. Generally, RSS does not involve in elections or politics directly but now the situation is changing in RSS also. Lately, a meeting was also held with him by P.M. and H.M. in Delhi regarding upcoming U.P. elections. These elections are extremely crucial for BJP and Modiji because of the way they invested their all resources in west Bengal elections but results did not come as they'd hoped. Everybody knows that the U.P. elections will decide the fate of the BJP in the 2024 parliamentary elections.
    Hosabale's elevation as the RSS's executive head (Sarkaryavah) exhibits that an unprecedented paradigm in RSS, as well as the center of power from RSS to Prime Minister, is going to occur in the coming days.
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    As far as my knowledge goes RSS may not involve directly in elections. But may support BJP candidates and all RSS members will vote for BJP only I think. The change at the top of RSS may give some advantage to Modi. But what is the influence of the present conditions on the popularity of the BJP is a big question. They spent a lot of time in West Bengal for elections. They won a good number of seats even though they are not selected for power.
    UP elections will definitely have a lot of impact on the future of BJP. They will not leave any stone untouched for their victory. But the mind of voters will be the deciding factor.

    always confident

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    For that matter BJP has its own strong cadre across the country and in UP especially Yogi Adiityanath is striving to retain the power and so far no corruption is proved. While RSS was unhappy in the past but it realized that if it let loose by not supporting the BJP , the Congress would take advantage of it and that would be hard hit for the country. So may be in this back drop RSS thinking power is changed and may directly involve in the elections to make sure BJP wins hands down. But RSS always fear that the so called secular parties would raise hue and cry of making the elections communal and thus they would have go wait and watch approach. But for BJP when it comes to retain the power and keep the popularity in tact, they have to go all out to woo the RSS at least work in the back ground for the sure shot win of the BJP in the elections.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true that many of the stalwarts in BJP have RSS background and whether BJP appears to have direct link with RSS or not it does not matter much. Generally RSS will keep itself out of the election campaign and election process but they will indirectly make BJP powerful because of the inherent similarity in the doctrine which both of them follow. One reason behind the unbelievable popularity of BJP in the country is that many people started to realise that this party is going to do welfare of all the people of the county irrespective of the cast and religion and wants to bring some changes which are good on the national level like not allowing infiltration from outside and population control. So with that in mind BJP might win in the UP election also next time. Only problem is, which is of course there in all the other democratic countries also, that the opposition due to the inherent envy for attaining power and prosperity will try to ruin the dreams of BJP. So, let us see who wins in this interesting fight.
    Knowledge is power.

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    @Dr Rao: but what is the point of discussing election strategy by RSS then?

    @K.Mohan: Probably some big changes are expected in U.P. before going for the poll.

    @Umesh: Results of Panchayat elections should be taken as warning to bjp.

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    It is known that the main core support and backing for BJP is from RSS. It was so from the original Jan Sangh onwards. Though non-RSS politicians changed parties from the original Jan Sangh or its subsequent avatars, RSS was always giving the mechanics and ideology to them consistently. That itself was used as excuse by many to ditch BJP (or its previous versions) and hitch on to other parties where they found benefits.
    Though many relatively new non-RSS base members of BJP wish to be independent of RSS, it is not so easy now , as BJP still does not have a dependable vote bank as other political parties. Moreover there are many internal and external sections who find growth of BJP as a threat to their existence.

    Hence until BJP has its own sure vote bank of a sizeable percentage, it cannot break from the influence or support of RSS. RSS and BJP know the strength and weakness of both. Hence whatever be their inner secret wishes, they may not show it outside. But even RSS wants BJP to be a strong political party who will rule the country well with great mass support as a political party.

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