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    It is time to reconstitute World Institutions by considering Covid-19 as 3rd World War

    After 40 million deaths in the 1st World War, League of Nations came into picture. But, it could not stop the 2nd World War. After 75-80 million deaths in the 2nd World War, United Nations (UN) came into picture. Though UN could stop 3rd Military World War, but it could not stop 3rd Biological World War (Covid-19), in which almost 3.5 million people died officially and the number is still counting.

    UN might have been structured to stop military World Wars so it could not stop the Biological World War. In future also, only Biological wars may happen. So, is it the right time to create new World Institutions in order to stop future Military as well as Biological World Wars?
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    Covid19 should be taken as the third world war because more than 3.5 million people, as per the author, have already died and the number of death is increasing. I don't think it is tenable suggestion, however, the author could explain it further to prove his point of view.
    You must have heard that some of the opinions are emerging from different corners that it is kind of a war against the whole world that china has started to get supremacy in the world, especially, against US and Europe which , generally, don't like emergence of China as a powerful country of the world. I don't outright reject this view though but I don't have concrete evidence to to accept it too. However, it is beyond understanding how this deadly virus was exterminated from Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus.
    Several countries have biological weapons which are more destructive than deadly bombs because these weapons kill people and all living organisms. If coronavirus is taken as a biological weapon of China then surely, situation will worsen around the world.

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    Even though there are many opinions that China is the reason for the spread of the virus around the globe, nobody can prove it with pieces of evidence. There are many postings saying that the 2nd wave in India is also planned by China. But there is no confirmed news about this. However, China's hand may be there.
    The UNO has to take up this subject and start working on that. They should try to prevent the spread of Biologocal warfare without spelling out the name of China or any other country. Then only there may be some progress in the issue. The permanent membership countries should accept this and unfortunately, China is also a member country with veto power.

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    #731337 Viruses exist everywhere. It doesn't care if you're affluent, middle-class, or poor, or if you're from China, India, or America. If a virus is generated, China is also affected, and they have been afflicted. How has this simple reasoning been overlooked, and if China has infected or spreads this virus for your convenience, how come they provide free vaccines, oxygen concentrators, and oxygen cylinders for various countries?.
    Another question is whether China views India as a major adversary or an enemy. According to a few scientists, the virus had also spread due to rampant meat consumption from various animals. Who knows, maybe that's one of the reasons. Because red meat consumption causes intestinal cancer. This type of cancer could also be reported in vegetarian diets because they eat a variety of outside foods prepared with inferior oils.

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    I agree with the author as COVID 19 is acting as genetic war raised by China with wh8ch whole world is struggling hard but the fact can not be denied that such weapons are also used in the past like cattle plague. This type of weapon is also used in the pat with the conclusion that army weapons can be captured but these can not be captured. So it's prime duty of UN to act against this as a world traitor and also take strict actions against the nation which are trying to create such havoc for their own benefit.

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    If the present UN structure, including WHO, could not prevent such a deadly pandemic then whom can we blame? It should be the fault of UN only. Lot of UN institutions are under the political clout of various powerful countries. Till now, there is no clear establishment on the origin of virus is done by the UN. The originating country is not transparent enough in establishing the virus origin. It is blaming other countries for the virus origin though the country has an established proof that SARS ( very similar to Covid-19 ) has originated from that country through a different Corona virus.

    In such situations, how can we make sure that the UN can stop future Biological World War like pandemics. So, either overhauling of the present UN structure is to be done or altogether new World Institutions are required.

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    Nice thought emanated from the author's mind but what I feel that the world body failed to help the nations fighting the virus because the very super powers which had the say in the present UN , could not come with the terms of happening in their own countries and thus small nations have to be taken care of big countries and India did prove in this regard. Surely this covid menace is bigger than the third world war because many innocent deaths occurred, many children become orphaned and none to care. The help from so called UN and affiliated organization in the matter was nil or nothing. In this back drop one more International Institution does not serve the purpose and the wrong doer nation which was responsible for this biological war was not questioned or punished by UN and thus I feel it is waste suggestion.
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