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    How about set your own question paper and answer it ? Any takers

    IIT , Goa has come up with unique idea by asking its students to set their own question paper and answer the same and of course that should be within the ambit of course material and studies done in the class or online class in the past. The suggestion seems to be interesting and would test the patience of the students because, if they were not attentive in class or not noted the points given in lecture, they cannot set the question nor they can answer. What is your opinion on this new way of putting the pass chance in the hands of students themselves in this new normal situation?
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    Yes, I saw the WA message that has gone viral. I think it was brilliant! It wasn't merely an innovative idea, but did make sense. In the first place, online tests and exams have been a big farce with students easily devising ways and means to cheat. As mentioned, it also catches the students who obviously were tuning in to classes, if at all, just for attendance and not really bothering to pay any attention whatsoever.
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    For those who are not aware of this, I am attaching a screen shot here-
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Many students these days not even know what is there in their syllabus and what is not there. So it is a big task to select questions as per the syllabus and answer them correctly. Really it will be a testing time for the students. If somebody else is setting the question paper if we are not able to answer, we can have some excuse. But when we select we should be able to answer that question. So really it is an intelligent move. Online examinations are going on and nobody knows how the students are writing the exams. So this idea can be taken as a good idea to assess the calibre of the student.
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    Thanks Vandana madam for adding the screen shot which given more meaning to this thread.
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