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    Grow through resistance

    Growing up without resistance is more likely to fall apart. Those that grow resistant will have better performance and more energy. If there is nothing to defeat then there is no need to beat anyone. The only way to maintain a fighting spirit is to have opponents. How long can a horse stay competitive without betting or competition?

    Our mind warns that they are rivals. The ones who force the steps to be careful, the ones who insist on holding on anyway, the ones who force to say over and over again that I am not be defeated, bringing out the bravery and courage that was not there before. If there is a standard opponent, you have to stay with that standard.

    Frequent experiments and non-stop remedies are mandatory to maintain the energy. It's not about sitting without any damage, the thing is to work with strength.
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    This thread encourages a struggler especially someone who is facing tough challenges and competition from other competitors or rivals. How to face them and how to defeat them does not come merely by thinking or planning. Consistency in efforts without any hopelessness is essentially required. to have success.
    The author has focussed on this aspect if any person gets success on a platter doesn't know what the competition is. If someone had no resistance in achieving his target he can't understand what the taste of success is. I think such people are born with a silver spoon. Everything has been prepared for them, they just have to have it.

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    What is the fun in life when there is no resistence and opposition to what we do and what we achieve. In this regard my father used to share one joke often that two people were discussing the progress of their child and in that one was always saying his son coming second and that baffled the other person. One day he asked as to why your boy is always coming second, not first or third. For that he replied, when the class strength is two only obviously the second is the rank by default. So here the second rank cannot be considered a performance at all, as there is no competition from the third or other ranks. If we going on exploring new ways and new things the growth is for sure and that is formidable too against the presence of even rankers. What one must have is the zeal to compete and surpass the set rank of self and proceed further.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A ship is safe when it is on the shore. But the ship is not made for it. It has to travel face the problems and complete the journey. The same should be the motto for us also.
    I know a person in our village. He never did any job. His father has taken care of him as long as he was alive and after that, his son has taken care of him till hos last minute. Never worked. Used to sit or play cards. But he suffered a lot in the end because of his health.
    We will stay fit when we work. We may face some hardships but we have to accept and solve them and go ahead. We have to stand in the competition and use all our resources and see that we will be the winners. Otherwise, there is no meaning in our lives.

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    Agree with the author, resistance would be always there in anyone's life but we should work with it. When we know there are fewer options and many are trying to achieve for the same we apply our efforts more. because we do not want to lose it. When we are a part of a race we energize ourselves automatically by looking at other competitor but at the same time if we realized that we have already crossed more than half of the route and no one is there to defeat us, we may stop applying many efforts and this could be a situation when we increase our chances to lose the race. We should always be aware of resistance they will always help us to improve more and better.

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    There should be resistances, hindrances, obstacles etc in the path and then only the strength of a person is tested. Everyone can walk on a smooth path, there is nothing great about that. In fact, in this world there is nothing like a smooth path. Everywhere there are problems and difficulties to proceed ahead and get success in ones life. Not only that there are already benchmarks set by other people which drive us to do our best to reach those levels and if possible to make new benchmarks for other people. Treading through the difficult path is the synonym for the journey of life.
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