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    Will a break in lockdown help to reduce the number of COVID patients?

    Dear Members,
    Tamilnadu government announced a lock down for 14 days from 11th May to 24th May. And again they announced a complete lock down for a week w.e.f. 24th May. They relaxed the lock down on 22 and 23 May and allowed all shops to open for business from 9 a.m to 9 p.m, and allowed buses to run. I am sure, during these two days, the virus would have affected many due to crowding of markets, and buses.

    Is it right? Do we really achieve something with the help of a break in lock down. Don't you think that what we want to achieve in 14 days or 7 days is nullified by letting the people free for two days? Can't our government ensure door to door delivery of essential commodities and avoided 2 days break between the lock downs? How can we break the virus chain with such a break during lock downs?
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    I am also at a loss to understand as to when the lease time given for the people to make essential purchase, the crowd management is impossible and everyone comes out and even the asymptomatic patients also mingles with the crowd and thus the damage is done. Probably for this reason our CM KCR was averse to lock down theory and relaxation for few hours daily. The economy is getting affected and the income for the states and the country is not coming. And it has increasingly become clear that only self management by the people concerned can keep the virus away and lock down measures proven to be very little help for the state and country. The way people throng the vegetable and grocery shops in groups prove that no one can help the adamant crowd who cannot understand the fact that the virus is airborne.
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    Such a break of lockdown would dilute the effects of the very purpose of lockdown and as such it could not have been relaxed for two days during the period for which lockdown was initiated. The situation has not been very favourable so far in Tamilnadu and it was to be tackled with the further extension of the lockdown period for at least a fortnight after 24 th May. There was some downward trend noticeable but a better result can be achieved with some strictness to tackle the crisis. It can definitely harm the economy of the state as a result of prolonged breakdown. Considering the present crisis this is the only solution left for the government. Better discipline of the people in this situation would be the right approach to tackle this virus.

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    I agree with the author that this break of two to three days does not make any sense and the purpose of the lockdown also gets ineffective. Physiologically people are affected by last year's lockdown. When they are given relief they come out of their homes to purchase more and more essential commodities because of apprehension of facing scarcity of essential commodities if lockdown continues for a longer period.
    I think there should be lockdown in the entire country but all shops which deals in essential commodities should be opened and it should be announced that people should come out of their homes if it is essential for them. The police department should strictly warn all shopkeepers not to allow more people simultaneously.
    In my home town (besides medical shops/clinics) only vegetable market is opened, rest almost all grocery shops in mohalla are opened with strict warning of using a mask. People are not facing any problem of scarcity of essential commodities

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    Totally agree with the author, by these small breaks in lockdown, will being more dangerous. People find their basic needs more than anything and for this when they got a chance they do not think about other protocols. One of my relatives shared his experience when the market or some shops was open in the morning time, he was buying some item from a shop and its time to close the shop but due to more number of customers, the shopkeeper ignored the time, suddenly some cops were there and the shopkeeper takes in all his customers into the shop and down the shutter, approximately 15 people were there in that shop and after 3 days my same relative have been founded infected by the virus. Infect if we see we will find that there are many states who also followed the same process and giving break timing of lockdown cases increased due to crowd. This is the very wrong process or practice followed by many governments.

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    The Tamil Nadu government extended the lockdown for a further one week. In view of the extended lockdown starting May 24, the state government has allowed all shops to open on May 22 and 23. This small break is only to help the public to procure essential items to face the stricter lockdown from May 24.
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    The coronavirus did not retreat for fear of being locked down. In a nutshell, the announcement of the lock-down was to make people who do not understand anything understand the seriousness of the epidemic and to prevent crowds from unnecessarily wandering around and joining the epidemic. Despite the daily announcement of the epidemic in such a serious way, those who do not wear the masks and walk outside wearing masks below the beards have not reached the point where they can only learn by paying the police fines? Are we ready to hear what the Government is saying that does not gather in shops without social distancing? The mission was then handed over to the police. When it comes to action, everyone is sad and skeptical. What a dilemma to accept this as a step taken by the government for our safety. All we can do is co-operate wholeheartedly with the drastic measures taken by governments to save our lives and future.
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    The two days break may do some harm again if the people go out completely for these two days. The State government might have extended the lockdown without giving any break. They can give daily 3 or 4 hours for the people to procure the essentials. When the time is limited people can't take chance and go out for far away distances. But when it is two days there are chances for people to move from one place to other places which is again a problem and virus may spread.
    Even though the government has given some relaxations, individuals should understand the need and they should not undertake unnecessary travelling and move out etc. This fact is not understood by many people I think. Whenever the chance comes people are trying to go out and move in groups. That is only causing all these problems. We all should understand that the government has given the relaxation but not the virus. Stay inside and stay safe is the main issue these days.

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    When the time given for urgent purchases and sales, the rush to market is heavier than the regular and thus one can see scores of people thronging the market place during relaxation and that would result in more cases.
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    It is a difficult task for all customers to shop at a given time. In the past few days, due to this reason, in my area, the time to buy vegetables from the vegetable market was fixed at 2 - 4 AM, and it was expected that the crowd would be less, but it is quite natural that when the time is given only for 2 hours, then the vendor's had to be crowded.

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    Govt is under a lot of pressure in continuing the lockdown as industries and shopkeepers are complaining and insisting to give relaxation for at least a few days in between so that their sales are materialised. From that point of view the Govt is forced to consider their request but at the same time it would increase the spread of the virus further. So this is a catch 22 situation and we are losing in both of the options. This is definitely a situation where economic losses are going to mount day by day if such relaxations are not given to the business community.
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