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    Nothing can be gained for free

    The king ordered his advisers to create a repository of knowledge to present to the new generation. After much effort, they presented all the knowledge they gathered in a book to the king. The king ordered that a summary of the books be made, as not many would be able to read them. The main ideas of all the books are grouped into one book. But the king was not satisfied. Then I put the ideas in that book into one chapter and put it back into one page. When the king asked for a smaller one, the advisers put it together and submitted it to the king. It was like, "Nobody gets anything for free."

    Rarely is there another word as attractive as the word free? There will be crowds behind the freebies. But not even a speck of common sense can be seen there. Who can give something away for free? How long can it last for those who only distribute anything for free? No one gets or gives anything for free. Someone is paying for everything in some way. The payment will be sometimes the time and circumstance. Sometimes it will be the mind and brain or may have to sweat hard work for something. No one gets anything of value without paying a price.

    Anything you earn without sweating or knowing the pain will have the opposite effect. Anyone who wanders in search of free will cannot maintain their position or even a sense of pride.
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    Most of us in the illusion that we can get something in free and in actual it is farce believing. Whether it is office, marketing or sales, the cost of the product need to be paid and that implies that nothing comes for free. Even the teaching wont come for free. When Ekalavya wanted to learn archery along with the Pandavas, he was denied entry for obvious reasons but he was watching the archery training given to Pandavas and thus learned through seeing. But when this came to be known to the Guru, he asked Ekalavya to give Guru dakshina for what he learned. Ekalavya was ready to oblige for anything as Guru asked , but Guru sought his right hand thump finger and that means in future Ekalavya cannot do the archery. Here the fact of nothing comes in free has been well described to the understanding level of all.
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    Nothing is given free. Every action has a reason or motive which stimulates someone to act. We see government promises to give freebies to people before elections and their reason is obvious.
    I have seen several videos in which a YouTuber gives money to poor people, old working men and old women. I appreciate them for helping needy people but they get popularity and money from YouTube as well.

    It sounds quite hilarious when it is advertised that a company is giving something free. No company gives anything free to consumers.

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    One more similar line I read, "There is no free lunch". One has to put some efforts to get it. It may be service or material things. One has to do the karma to get the fruit.
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    True. Even a single paise will not come to you without working for it. If we try to get it also we will lose more than that in some way or other. The money we earned with hard work will definitely come in handy when the need comes. But the money if somebody gets free money it will go away also very easily. So thinking that we will get something free is not correct.
    The government may be giving freebies to some poor people. But the government is getting that money from the same people in the form of taxes. Some may be paying taxes and others may be getting freebies.

    always confident

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    We never link free with the subsidy and alms. Many people I have seen when coming out of hotels, they buy some idlis and offered to the beggars who are sitting in the platform. Here the giver is paying for them. In many countries, I read, visitors to hotels tells the counter person to make bill for his food and for somebody. The hotelier use the funds of such persons to offer food to needy persons.

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    Expecting the results without reconciliation or expecting knowledge for free is futile. Only donations are given for free, but for that, you have to disburse that donation and adopt it in whatever form it is received. You cannot do any special thing for free, nor can you include your opinion in it. After all, why do we live in the hope that someone will do it for us for free, and what we are actually getting for free, humans do not appreciate it because it is emotional that is not visible. Stop expecting anything for free from anyone will actually help you.

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    When we are getting any thing for free, its value is almost lost in our life, and we starts talking it for granted. Also the person who is givibg us the goods or service for free, is also not much valuable for us because we can nit understand his hardwork behind driving us the respect ice services. We feels that his or her is living away for free then there night be low quality, or product might be detective. Pessimism is one of the most common human tendency, as we never focuses on bright er side of coin and always see wrong side of opposite person. Same bailens when anything is provided for free.

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    I agree with other members in telling that there is no free lunch in this world. Free is a deceptive word and though it attracts people but it is only a cheating if we analyse it deeply. I remember there were many schemes in which if we were able to sell some goodies to others then one item was given to us free by the person who started the lucrative scheme. We thought it free but when we saw the efforts behind it we found that in the same time we would had earned more.
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