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    Satisfaction is only with the truth

    Truth and falsehood once met. While they were walking with talking, they came near a pool. Then falsehood said: "Let's go down to this pool and take a shower." Suspicious truth checked the water in the pool and agreed to take a bath as he did not see any problem. After taking off all their clothes in the banks of the pool, the two went down for a bath. As soon as they started a bath, the lie turned around and ran away, dressed in the robe of truth. Since then, people have been seeing lies in the dress of truth. But the truth hid in the pool for a long time for fear of embarrassment. After that, it slowly came out.

    Stories that present lies often have more credibility and marketing potential than truth-telling facts. No one recognizes the form or appearance of the two because they do not see falsehood and truth together. Moreover, the lie still gains popularity and recognition because it travels in the overcoat of truth. Likewise, the lie can reach everywhere quickly as it is a runner. By the time the truth comes after taking its dress, the lie may spread over the world. Those who stand to throw stones over the truth and those who do not want to know the truth will still glorify the lie. The falsehood has a habit of disguising himself according to the circumstances.
    The truth, however, will retain its uniqueness and goodness at any moment. The truth may not immediately receive the applause or recognition that lies receive. But only truth can give self-fulfillment and self-satisfaction.
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    It's common in modern day world that falsehood impersonating truth, but truth can never be hidden for long. This covering of falsehood can retain for long but truth live forever. It's ironical that whole society calls for truth but when truth came out they start running away of it. God resides in truth and nothing is over and above god, therefore that we can say that truth is most powerful.

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    Truth always triumphs and it is the world known belief and trust, but sometimes the falsehood goes overboard and try to hide the truth. Why so many cases are pending in courts because the truth is not visible and the courts act on the evidence and proof. The falsehood goes on searching to fool and get rid of truth but one day the truth would be winner and that day the satisfaction would be immense. What normally seen that to cover a falsehood, further more false is revealed and this is where the truth can be said has won. Those who are the regular habitual lier, one day or the other they would caught fooling. Truth is right, truth is bitter and it takes guts to face the truth and that is reason many try the falsehood and take the help of false promise to buy the time for themselves. But in reality they are avoiding the truth which can be acheived.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No matter how false the lie is, but one day it is caught, in the same way, whether the truth is hidden in a pond or someone has tied it in fetters, one comes to the fore. It is true to a large extent that nowadays people keep secretly hiding the lie behind the truth, even the truth is that the fake lie loses its identity forever on the day the truth comes out. In every way, lies will be considered to be only untrue, irrespective of their intention, the same truth does not come out with any wrong intention but the truth is its identity. People interpret the truth in their own interest due to their selfishness, but any event or an honest person exposes the truth. On the other hand, the truth is relative to the person, a person who makes an assumption by looking at an event, there is no need that the other person should make the same perception by seeing the same event.

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    The truth will definitely come out one day or other. We can't hide it for long. When we try to tell something which is not true we ourselves will give a clue to the listeners and they will understand that what we are telling is not the truth. Whatever planning you do and whatever dressing you do you can't hide the truth.
    We get much fake news these days on social media but we will know that they are fake and it will come on the same media within no time. To protect a lie we have to do a lot of exercises and we have to remember what we have told and in what content. But when we say only truth no such exercise is required.

    always confident

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    Truth and false both have their existence and their importance lies in their antithetical togetherness. There is an ages-long vendetta between both of them. Truth stands for brightness whereas lie stands for darkness. The path of truth is difficult to tread in contrast with false that appears to be charming, alluring and easy for common people. A major part of the populace is the follower of falsehood and lies but despite their majority truth is always strong before falsehood. Truth doesn't stoop before lies. It is the lie that wants its recognition in the realm of truth.
    I agree with the author that sometimes, people find it difficult to see the difference between both of them because lie disguises as truth to deceive common people and generally, it succeeds in its stratagem. It sounds bad to see that lie is regarded as a smart and pragmatic approach to life whereas the truth is taken as conservative thinking and singularity. But it's an undeniable fact too that truth, eventually, wins against the lie.

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