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    Do you feel economy is not that hard hit like first wave ?

    Though we are in the second lock down and in some states its partial and many states the lock down is full and going to extend also. But coming to economy point of view, the second wave is not hard hit and the economy is working. The migrants are travelling, there is no restrictions for the essentials and the companies are working with 30 percent staff and shops are working for specified hours. So we have learned from the first experience and we are now able to manage the second lockdown with ease and not much complaints. Any comment on this ?
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    It may not be like the first wave lock down but definitely, there may be a dip in the economy to some extent. Many people are suffering without jobs. Taxis, cinema halls. Malls and other businesses are not going on well and a lot of people working in those areas will suffer.
    Purchases will come down. The travel industry will also be suffering a lot. Only health services and related fields are doing good business and getting money. Even industries productivity also has come down. With all this definitely, there will be a slowdown in the financial front also.

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    But the first wave was totally not planned, but now states have planned and implemented second shut down.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author's observation is correct, the second wave has proved more dangerous than the first wave but it has a relatively less negative impact on the economy. When the first wave of the pandemic started, everyone had to suffer a lot of damage due to the suddenly announced lockdown. Some people left for their hometown, then lost their lives due to the fear of poverty under stress. With the first wave, all activities like movement, rectangle export, etc. were banned and no end was understood. The situation was not so frightening but there was a lot of loss due to fear and disorder.

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    I agree with the author that present lockdown will. not affect the economy as much as it affected last year. But it doesn't mean that there is not a huge difference between the two lockdowns. Only grocery and vegetable shops are opened in comparison with last year's lockdown, else medical shops, doctors clinics were opened last year too. Many people have lost jobs, businessmen are also sitting at their residence, obviously, employees of their business establishments are also jobless, however, some of the companies are still functioning and their employees are working from home. It happened last year also.
    In the coming days, price-hike of every item is inevitable because our economy is still in the minus and I don't hope to get it back in near future. When coronavirus is over I assume that millions of middle-class people will go below the poverty line. Employment will decrease further. According to P.P. Vajpai, a former employee of Aaj Tak and other channels, the central government has given 8,87,335 jobs in 7 years, it means less than 9 lac central government jobs were provided. This is the least number of employment since independence.

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    One man went to an astrologer and asked for prediction about his time. The astrologer replied that the person was having a bad time and it will be so for another year too. The person then asked'After that?' The astrologer coolly replied'After that you will get habituated".

    I think the same can be applied to the present situation. The first quantum of lockdown was sudden and totally unexpected and we were unprepared for that. It went beyond our 'short-time'expectation. As the governments were also facing such a situation for first time, they di not have a precedent on how to go about it. Remedial measures could not be taken well in time and in sufficient measure.So the pinch was felt by everyone.

    But this time everyone is experienced on the difficulties. Governments were also better prepared to face things. Assistance and help came better than last time. The lockdown restrictions are not so total and stringent as last time. People also had learned to live by the situation. The panic reaction by migrant labours in comparison to last occasion, is almost absent. All this made us feel that the current lockdown situation is not as harsh as last time.

    However economy is still affected as many sectors are still not open or not fully functioning. But we have learned resilience and survival and so let us hope that and work hard that we will soon build back the economy and lives to normal very soon itself. Let us pray too.

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    During the first wave the economy was badly affected because the lockdown was very stringent and most of the workers left cities and towns for their villages to protect themselves from the deadly virus which was at that time mostly confined to cites and towns. As people learn by experience, they felt that if proper care was taken, one could attend the job and there was no need to escape. As Govt has allowed some of the important industries to function and construction activities are also allowed so the migration of the work force was stalled to quite a good extent. The result is that economy may not be severely affected. In relative terms economic losses will definitely be there as activities are subdued or limited.
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    In the second wave, people are suffering more than the first wave. The directly affected members are more in number and the severity of Covid is fatal in the second wave. The whole family got infected and many of my known families lost their family members. If any family of your relatives, friends, or neighbors you contact are telling some sad news or deaths. Many deaths due to Corona were not came into its account as people tried themselves with home quarantine as they cannot bear the cost of hospitals. Lack of beds, lack of oxygen, lack of medicines cost the lives of so many people. In the first wave, this much of severity is not felt and that saved the situation. This is one side reality of the story. Most of the states of India completely or partially lockdown due to the second wave. Many daily wage workers lost their ground to earn something for the family. Shops worked only for few hours, roadside vendors were not allowed to carry their business by police, cinema halls were closed, shopping malls were closed, people were not going on to roads after 10' 0 clocks, and then what economic business you are thinking to flourishing. Even the Banks also had much-reduced working hours this time. In the first wave also up to 11 'o clock market business was allowed. It is foolish to think that that the second wave is better than the first wave with respect to the economy. I think the second wave also brought a great disaster to India. The only thing is, the government has not announced any food package or money package as already Indian economy in disaster. Like a cat thinking that nobody is observing it is drinking milk, the BJP government kept quiet without talking anything.

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    It has affected us in the similar way as seen in the first lockdown. The only thing is that we have learnt many things from the past. We have cut down the expenses of numerous items this time due to steep rise of their prices such as ghee, pulses, butter, mustard oils especially when many families are suffering a lot as a result of loosing the jobs. In fact, due to lockdown, the income of malls, hotels, taxis, autos has suffered badly for which they were not prepared. It is the worst time for the workers of malls, hotels, footwear etc where no more customers are attending. These industries are affected badly and it could take substantial time to recover back. Though we may control the pandemic phase in some time in near future, its side effects will remain visible in the times ahead.

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