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    Can gym routine and exercises keep fit against low immune ?

    There has been heavy rush to gyms these days as many are working employees and stay sit work for many hours make them dull and lazy by evening and therefore many are trying various muscle exercises in the gym and also trying the regular exercises like walking, jogging, laughing and yoga exercises. Many are believing that regular exercise would create good body and physique and that would give confidence to live against all odds and the confidence alone is needed to live strong and going as the happenings around us are scarry and shocking.
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    As far as my knowledge goes, exercises will keep our body fit and some exercises will make our lungs healthy. But when your body is fit and your lungs are working alright your immunity levels may increase due to your confidence. Exercises will help in improving antibodies and white blood cells (WBC). WBCs are the real immune system cells. These cells fight diseases. These WBCs circulate more easily within the body so that they can detect illnesses easily But I am not sure that these changes help prevent infections.
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    Keep fit should be our motto and if that keeps infections away would be added advantage.
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    Exercise would definitely improve your metabolism provided you are involved in the morning with empty stomach. If you want to have some water you may take. Jogging, brisk walking, yoga for some time. Such engagement in the morning would enhance your metabolism. However, care has to be taken that exercise should not be taken up with the consumption of food. Otherwise, the results would be not be effective. Sometimes, you may have some acidic problems.
    It is always better to be engaged in exercise in the presence of a trainer so that you could be reap the benefits of the exercise. Ensure daily practice of the exercise so that you could extract the health benefits of such indulgence.

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    The formula to keep oneself fit and healthy is not limited to only exercises. It is true that exercises are important and are an integral part of the health making efforts but there are other things also which are also necessary to be followed in order to make a resistance full immune healthy body. The first thing is proper food and that is important because the type of food is a crucial element to good health. Nowadays there is so much adulteration and cheating that we do not know the authenticity of the food items that we are consuming so it makes sense to buy good quality food items from the reputed vendors. Moreover, junk food is to be avoided and non fat and non greasy food is to be taken as far as possible. Second point is calmness and peace of the mind which can be obtained through Yoga and meditation. If these things are observed then one can really reap the benefit of going to the gym and I am afraid that only going to the gym might not be a complete solution.
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