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    Buy one ticket and have a whole plane for you

    I did not get the proper one word to describe this rare happening. Luck? Lottery?Jackpot? What you call that?
    It is about news I read a day ago. India Today titled it "Man flies solo from Mumbai to Dubai on 360-seater flight for Rs 18k." Moneycontrol headline was "Jet, set, swag: Man posts video of flying solo on Emirates' Mumbai-Dubai flight".

    The details. "The United Arab Emirates stopped flights from India due to Covid situation. And passengers who had transited through India in the last fourteen days are also prohibited to enter UAE from any point. However an exception was that" UAE nationals, holders of UAE golden visas and members of diplomatic missions who comply with the revised published COVID 19 protocols will be exempt for travel,"

    Mr Bhavesh Jhaveri is a UAE Golden Visa holder. The plane anyway, was to return to UAE. And Jhaveri was the only one who booked a ticket for that day. As one who had boarded about 240 flights, mostly in business class, he booked only an economy ticket now as he thought there won't be any rush.

    But it was more than that for him. He was the solo passenger and he was welcomed on board by name. The in-flight announcements were also addressed to him by name; like, 'Mr.Jhaveri, please fasten your seat belt; Mr Jahveri we are going to land' etc..

    What you call that? Mostly a once-in-a life happy event only. Isn't it? If at all there is such an offer it will be" Buy one ticket and have a whole plane for you"
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    This is one more classic case of Paisa feko thamasha deko, the world takes a bow to money and what Jhaveri had the luck that he was only passenger to fly solo for long distance. By the way what is the use of solo life which has no meaning, Though the passenger would have felt lucky and even entered the news headlines for the solo passenger-in the trip, I am sure he should have been more worried than enjoyed the flight which had the capacity of so many seats and none occupied. For the sake of record he might not have booked the ticket, but the honor happened to him and here we must appreciate the airline also which had the guts to operate the flight on loss and that is where the public relations stands and with this gesture the airline earned the name and fame for free and that is the highlight of this news for all.
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    That must be a rare incident and he was accommodated because the plane was going back. Such strange and bizarre incidents happen in such peculiar times only when the whole world is feeling disturbed because of the pandemic.
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    I think it is a chance for him due to the present situation. Going alone on a high flight alone for just 18K is a very rare thing that will not happen anytime. I don't think that it is the money that got him this comfort. This is the situation and the conditions outside gave him that advantage. We hear chartered flights are available. People hire flights for them alone. That will be available for people who can afford very huge money. It is a very nice experience for the person and he will remember this experience during his whole life.
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    Of course, it is a rare happening, especially in a flight. Many a times, I have seen buses plying with a single passenger. No one wonders. I have seen share autos running with a single passenger. No one wonders. I have seen train compartments with a single passenger. No one wonders. So, there is no wonder to see a single passenger in a big flight. It is the situation, and the prevailing pandemic that made this happen. Also, the flight is from a different country that came to India, and was on its return trip, a must go trip.
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